Field Trip to Invermere

Hey Everyone… (our July 18th field trip was such a success that we are doing it again…. updated details below! Note that where the last tour was restricted to Permaculture Calgary members, [...]

Help Us Find Land!

 After spending the last five years pouring our energy into our small permaculture site in the city, we are ready to make the leap to a much larger, farm-sized project! So we are starting to hunt [...]

Mr. Permaculture

Joshua McWilliam is a past student and is currently working on a novel called “Mr Permaculture”. This article is an excerpt from his book.  “Move them a stack at a time, then you [...]

After the Permablitz…

First you make the decision to transform your lawn from resource-draining grass to productive and regenerative food system. Then you get a friendly permaculture designer to help you with the [...]

Rob’s DIY Vermipod

For some time now I’ve been anxious to get a worm composting system for our kitchen scraps to turn our “waste” into a valuable resource – soil! Inspired by some pretty neat worm systems [...]

Reconstructive Earth Surgery

Having started my engineering career in the oil and gas industry my first experience with large earth moving machines was relatively negative. Whenever I had to employ them it was to bring down a [...]

Zaytuna Farm Yields

 History has shown time and time again that civilizations have risen and fallen based on the quantity and health of their topsoil. Since food is the basis of civilization and topsoil is the basis [...]

Grass is sooo 80’s!

Another food forest installation in Calgary – yipee! The group of students from our Springtime Introduction to Permaculture class taught through Clean Calgary got together one beautiful [...]