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We just completed another fantastic week-end course and permablitz and have unleashed 15 new permaculture students in Alberta (& one in Brazil!).

Here are some photos of the week-end and comments from our students:

“The ideas and information exchanged at the course are both inspiring and [a] practical way of connecting to community-based solutions” – Heather Noakes, Calgary

“I would recommend this course to anyone excited about enacting a small change that can lead to tremendous results” – Jason Baranec, Lethbridge

“Thank-you for inspiring me to make positive change in the world around me – starting with my own back yard!” – Lynn MacCallum, Calgary

“I came to this course wanting to find more fulfillment in my life and with the ideas that I could make a difference. I now know that this is possible and I’m excited!” – Lisa Mitchell, Calgary

” […] this course has helped me to think about some solutions to city problems in Brazil. Now I’ll research more about [permaculture] and I’m sure that I can do some good things and pass this knowledge to other people” – Fernanda Almendra, Brazil

” I highly recommend this course to anyone looking for the tools and techniques to co-create a beautiful garden, home and ethical life” – Samantha Hussey, Calgary

“There is so much scary and negative information that leads people to do nothing because they feel overwhelmed. Permaculture shows people that they can start at home” – Treena Goel, Calgary

“I can’t wait to put this knowledge into practice!” – Benny Calvert, Calgary

“If you want to find out how you can fix all the world’s problems in a garden, take this course.” – Laura Stevens, Calgary

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