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Rob & I were invited out to Mountain Waters Retreat, in the beautiful Kootenay Valley, to teach a Permaculture Design Certificate Course to nine students. 

We are having a wonderful time and have met great people. The course is still ongoing, but here are some photos of the first 10 days:

Stay tuned for photo updates as we complete the course. 

Comments from our students:

“I didn’t really know what permaculture was before coming, all I knew was Permanent Agriculture. Now all that has changed! Along with my life! Permaculture isn’t just about agriculture, but every aspect of living. It is a way for the future and future generations” – Jester Suzuki Campbell, Calgary

“The Verge Permaculture PDC is a comprehensive course with hands-on applications. It is fantastic! Rob Avis provides functional information that goes way beyond the garden to – building, growing & creating a good life. We walked out of the PDC with so many entrepreneurial & sustainable ideas & opportunities there is no way this functional system (permaculture) cannot grow exponentially to make a better future. I am so excited!” – Julie Budgen, Canmore, AB

“Rob and Michelle’s experience as mechanical engineers is an asset to their permaculture design course. The course is broken down in a simple, easy to understand format, but what is more is that natural processes are explained and demystified piece by piece so that people taking the course can integrate the new knowledge into their lives. Before taking the course I thought compost was something that holds up a building. Now I know that it is a way to improve soil and save the world.” – Jeff Faye, Calgary, AB

“Taking this PDC with Rob up at Mountain Water Retreat has been perfectly timed from my new transition from urban to rural life! Rob is a wealth of information and has a genuine passion for the subject matter. I am thrilled at the volume of information I have digested over these 72 hours. I can’t express enough the value for all people to learn permaculture principles and Verge made this learning fun, factual and provided a nurturing environment to do it in. I am leaving this PDC feeling overwhelmingly hopeful for the future of this messy world. And I am eager to get to work in my new rural community implementing permaculture ethics and techniques! Thanks so much for inspiring our class!” – Shauna Teare, Winlaw, BC

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