The Bonnie Ann Burnett Scholarship

For Verge’s Online Permaculture Design Certificate Course

Storyteller. Scientist. Master Gardener. Park Ranger. Artist. Animal Rescuer. Earth Healer. Verge Permaculture Graduate.

Let Her Legacy Make Your Dream Possible.

Bonnie Ann Burnett was a wisewoman of many gifts, a quiet force of nature, who, in the last years of her life, achieved the fulfillment of her lifelong dream: moving onto her family’s Michigan homestead.

Her goal was to turn its neglected 160 acres and drafty 1920s farmhouse into a regenerative farm and healing retreat for artists, and she began researching permaculture. A friend’s gift of funding made it possible for her to attend the first Verge Online PDC in 2020, where her classmates were inspired by her presence, her commitment, and the vision that she fleshed out in her meticulously detailed final design project.

See Bonnie Ann’s written description of her design HERE.

But Bonnie Ann had barely six months to begin implementing that design before an aggressive brain cancer ended her dream, and her beloved homestead was exchanged for hospice. She passed out of this life on Sunday, April 4, 2021.

In her honor, her friends have funded the Bonnie Ann Burnett Permaculture Scholarship, to help give adults the opportunity, the training, the inspiration and the support to achieve their regenerative vision through Verge’s Online Permaculture Design Certification course. 

Are you, like Bonnie Ann, contemplating a new direction for your life?

…A new direction embracing food, water, and energy security while reducing your carbon footprint, healing the ecosystem around you, and providing you with a sustainable income…

…but you’re struggling to fund the training you need to achieve your dream? 

If this is your situation, this scholarship is open to you. The scholarship is on a sliding scale based on need, commitment, and passion, covering 50% – 100% of the tuition for Verge’s Online Permaculture Design Course. We especially invite women and applicants from economically-challenged areas, in which your learning can also improve life for your community.

To download the scholarship application, click HERE

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Donations towards this fund received as of April 12, 2021 (updated daily, mostly-so)

Thank-you to the following fund supporters:

  • Phila Hoopes
  • Cathy Larkin
  • Leah Shelleda
  • Sharon Heath
  • Jefferey Burnett
  • Annabelle B Wujkowski
  • Susan Hammond
  • Debra Brown
  • Annette St.Cyr
  • Karen DiBenedetto
  • Noel Cox
  • Louis Shaknitz
  • Marcus Sheffer
  • Gloria Badiner
  • David Eisenberg
  • Aviva Reim
  • Cecilia Hewett
  • Maryanne Buschini
  • Tomoko Pommer
  • Mica Deerfield
  • Martha Sharples
  • Linda Heisserman
  • Bruce Brummitt
  • Grete Perkins
  • Carol Getty
  • Valeria Vincent Sancisi
  • Dr. Greg Sweitzer

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