Terms and Conditions

Below you’ll find the terms & conditions for our products and services. Please be sure to read them before you complete your purchase!

When you enroll for an annual or a 6 month subscription, if within 10 days of your enrollment you are not convinced that the program is a fit for you, we’ll provide a full refund.

Monthly subscriptions are not refundable.

All academy memberships are subscriptions (annual, bi-annual, or monthly) and will renew automatically. To cancel your subscription, simply contact us.

All content made available to you within the Academy as part of your subscription, including access to live event recordings, is accessible to you only while your subscription is active and in good standing.

Hey, we get it: life happens..

We realize that circumstances in your life may prevent you from participating in our events, or that acts of Mother Nature may prevent us from delivering them. But when you’ve invested time, energy, and money in an event and you’re faced with such circumstances, what do you do?

Our Responsibility and a Disclaimer

We reserve the right to cancel a program at any time due to low enrollment or adverse circumstances. Should we cancel, everyone who’s registered will receive a full refund.

PDC, Masterclass, or Live Course Cancellation

(Updated: April 2024)

If you need to cancel your PDC, Masterclass, or Live Course registration for any reason:

  • Up to 10 days following the 1st class: we will refund your course fee but will deduct an administrative fee of $150 (plus applicable taxes), however, you will lose access to all course materials. Tuition for the PDC On-demand course is not refundable.
  • More than 10 days following the 1st class: We cannot provide a refund. 
  • On-Site Learning Intensive: If you need to cancel the in-person portion of your course, we will process refunds for the value of the On-Site fees up to two weeks prior to the event start date.  A $150 administrative fee (plus applicable taxes) will also apply.

ON-Demand Course Cancellation

All on-demand courses are non-refundable, but you retain lifetime access through your account on the Portal. Login HERE to access your course today.


We sure have.

As such, we sell our ebooks (and electronic tools), such as the Essential Rainwater Harvesting book and the Building Your Permaculture Property book without copy protection or DRM (Digital Rights Management).

The benefit to you is that you can enjoy full use of your purchase without device or software restrictions.

However, in doing so, we need you to agree to the following.

Please raise your hand and recite out loud:

I solemnly swear that I will:

  • NOT make illegal or unauthorized copies of our ebooks or eproducts.
  • ONLY make copies of our ebooks or eproducts for backup purposes.
  • NOT sell or give copies of our ebooks or e-products to family, friends, associates, etc.
  • NOT upload to any file-sharing sites.

Thank-you. In all seriousness now, know that supporting us with your purchase (and encouraging others to do the same) means that we can continue to make a living and continue to be able to produce awesome products and services.

Lastly, please note that there is no return on digital products such as e-books, spreadsheet tools and audio files.

License Agreement (Private Use Only)

The spreadsheet templates (the “tools”) created by Verge Permaculture are considered copyrighted works under Canadian and other copyright laws and are the property of Verge Permaculture Inc.

You may download our tools, make archival copies, and customize a tool only for your personal use or use within your company or organization and not for resale or public sharing.

However, publicly sharing a screenshot or a printout (in hardcopy, PDF, or image format) is allowed.

For example: You purchase this spreadsheet to perform rainwater harvesting calculations for clients. You may send a printout (hardcopy or digital) of the summary page to your client, but you may not share the original spreadsheet file (.xlsx).

You may not remove or alter any Verge Permaculture logo, trademark, copyright, disclaimer, or other proprietary notices or marks within a tool.

The tools and any file, document, or other work including or derived from the tool may not be sold, distributed, published to an online gallery, hosted on a website, or placed on a server in a way that makes it available to the general public.

Our tools are intended to be educational and informative. They are not intended to serve as a guide. We disclaim all responsibility for any liability, loss or risk that may be associated with the application of our tools.

If you are having troubles with your map, or it turned out to not meet your expectations (we are using open data sources after all and the quality isn’t the best in some places in the world!), then get in touch. We will do what we can to remedy the situation!

If you are ordering a physical product, you will see your shipping options at checkout and you will have the option to choose the service that best fits your needs (I.e. Xpresspost, Priority Shipping, Tracked Parcel, etc…).

Note, if you are shipping internationally and/or to remote addresses you should expect higher shipping costs and wait times.

We offer a handful of shipping options to all customers depending on whether they are in Canada, the USA, or further abroad. Unless otherwise stated, all shipping options come with liability coverage of up to $100. That being, Verge is not liable for any packages lost in transit – any and all issues should be directed to Canada Post first. After a claim has been made and Canada Post covers lost costs, a new book can once again be mailed to you.

We can accept returns on the physical products, provided they are in like-new condition. You will be responsible for the shipping costs. Contact us at info@vergepermaculture.ca for return address and more information. Your money will be refunded when we receive the book.


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