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Build Your Own Permaculture Fruit Tree Guild

If you listen to conventional wisdom, you might begin to think that planting fruit trees on your property is a terrible idea – they’re prone to diseases and pests, and demand endless spraying and coddling just to produce a tiny harvest!  But there’s one thing that conventional wisdom doesn’t [...]

How to Build an Epic Permaculture garden

Imagine a garden where every plant, insect, and drop of water plays a vital role in a vibrant ecosystem. This is the heart of an epic permaculture garden, a space that transcends traditional gardening to become a symphony of nature. Here, you’re not just a gardener; you’re an [...]

How Rainwater Cisterns Filter Water

One of the fascinating concepts in biology is the microbial infallibility hypothesis. In his 1951 textbook, British microbiologist Ernest Gale put forward a hypothesis which stated: “If there is energy to be gained from a compound, a microorganism will figure out how to extract it and [...]

Why Build a Permaculture Property Part I

If there was ever a time to add Permaculture to your property, it is now: whether you plan to buy a new piece, rural or urban, and transform it, or to redesign the property you have.  The last three years have begun to show the follies of globalization, just-in-time shipping and inventory [...]

Building Our Permaculture Chicken Tractor

By Kate Fulmore Happy, healthy chickens, cows, and sheep – flavorful, nutritious eggs – fertile soil – with benefits like these, we’ve wanted to adopt Joel Salatin’s amazing methods for pasture-raised eggs for a while now. And we’ve just completed the construction of our [...]

How Permaculture Changed My Life, by Jen Nobel

Welcome to “How Permaculture Changed My Life”, our blog series featuring personal stories from Verge grads speaking on how permaculture shaped their careers and their lives. This time we’re featuring Jen Nobel, founder of Northbound Bloom Ecological Land Design in Timmins, Ontario: I [...]


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