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When the Problem Becomes the Solution

When Jill invited Rob to come on the podcast, she thought they would be talking about food forests and garden design.

Little did she know they would be diving into: guilt around existence, how to use problems as a roadmap to solutions, and strategies for thinking holistically in every area of life. 

Podcast Episode Highlights

  • Rob’s background and journey toward permaculture
  • Looking at paradigms (“humans are inherently destructive”, etc.)
  • Defining permaculture while shedding guilt
  • Tips for practical application of permaculture principles
  • Making a permaculture design for your homestead
  • The importance of: Scale, Time, Placement, and Form
  • Looking at patterns and systems and improving wellbeing
  • How can people protect their homesteads from the unpredictable future
  • Connections between the Irish famine and current modern systems
  • Positive final thoughts

Podcast Episode Resources and Links

What is Permaculture?

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How Permaculture Changed My Life


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