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I’m not sure why it took us so long, but we finally have installed our new composting toilet – which cost us $25 to build. All we are missing is some sawdust, which I plan to pick up this week-end. 

Consider the Human Nutrient Cycle:


We cannot be sustainable unless we contribute to an intact human nutrient cycle. In addition, it is estimated that 30-40% of the total energy consumed by a city is for pumping fluids: the delivery of water and removal/treatment of sewage.

If that isn’t enough, consider that there are over 1.2 billion people worldwide who lack access to clean drinking water. You could say that the world is divided into two categories of people, those who deficate in their drinking water, and those who don’t. We are excied about being in the latter category.

Here are a few photos of the newest addition to our home: 

Wondering how we are going to use the shower? Well, this is the basement washroom. When Rob installed the greywater valve last year to divert shower water to the garden he could only do so on the upstairs bathroom. So, we haven’t been using the downstairs shower at all anyways. 🙂

And here is an electronic copy of the Humanure Handbook, by Joseph Jenkins. Plans for the $25 Composting toilet can be found on page 162.



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