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We are very excited about our new partnership with Clean Calgary and the first Introduction to Permaculture course that Rob facilitated for their organization.

Clean Calgary is an urban environmental organization with a mission to empower Calgarians to create healthy homes and communities through environmental education, products, and services.

The course spanned six Thursday evenings, with the last evening of theory a hands on lecture in our back-yard (pictures shown above).

We also replaced some lawn with a food forest in one of the students front yards; I’ll have photos in a subsequent post.

Overall, the course was a grand success and Clean Calgary has requested that we continue the partnership for next summer.

I’ll think that you’ll agree based on the feedback we received from our students:

“Rob is a very good presenter, knowledgeable, articulate and organized”

“The course was exceptional value, 6 two hour classes plus homework plus a food forest instal day. I think it was a great deal […] I am thinkin about my yard and gardens in new and exciteing ways and am already trying new things. Thank you, this course was a great experience.”


“Rob was amazing! His knowledge and his presentation was impeccable. It was also great that we had an implementation project! It was great way to get to know the people in the course and to implement what we learned.”

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