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Another food forest installation in Calgary – yipee!

The group of students from our Springtime Introduction to Permaculture class taught through Clean Calgary got together one beautiful Saturday and helped turned fellow classmate, Barry Clements, front yard grass into an ecological and permaculture inspired garden.

The goal – replicate, as much as possible, the forest ecology. Forest ecologies are robust, self reinforcing, non-polluting and sustainable. Lawns are a highly inefficient use of space, water & money and significantly contribute to the degradation of our environment. Lawns instill isolation, gardens create community.

Empowered with knowledge gained from their course and eager to make positive change this group set out to create a space that provides food, sanctuary, creates community, inspires us to reconnect to the earth and context ourselves as a part of, not separate from, nature.

Thanks to everyone for your hard work!

Also – check out this article published by The New Resilient about Barry’s food forest install.

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