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 Wed March 22, 2023

2pmPT / 3pmMT / 5pmET

Introduction to

Garden Design Strategies for Year-Round Nutrition

Plan your soil, space and crops for a well-fed winter!

This LIVE webinar starts with ground-breaking information, and includes tested, unique and innovative strategies you won’t find anywhere else!

Hosted by

carmen lamoureux is the lead instructor for the latest verge masterclass course and runs urban farm school
Carmen Lamoureux

As a Verge lead instructor, Carmen Lamoureux offers rich experience in sustainable land management, forestry, soils, silviculture and horticulture. As founder and owner of Calgary’s URBAN FARM SCHOOL, as well as the Urban Farm Permaculture Project, she is dedicated to helping emerging gardeners and permaculture enthusiasts gain the freedom, confidence and skills they need to live more abundant, sustainable and resilient lives.

You Don’t Have to Fall Back on Processed Food When the Farmers Market Closes

We’ve all been there …High-priced imported grocery produce, nutrient-poor packaged dinners (and dare we say takeout?). If you don’t have your own larder, winter meals without a farmer’s market can be grim!

Enjoy 4-Season Food Security!


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