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April 5th, 2023

Garden Design Strategies for Year-Round Nutrition

Plan your soil, space and crops for a well-fed winter!

A LIVE Verge Permaculture Academy Masterclass for Building Your Resilience


Ecologist, Permaculture Educator & Eco Entrepreneur

Carmen Lamoureux

carmen lamoureux is the lead instructor for the latest verge masterclass course and runs urban farm school

As the lead instructor for the Verge PDC, Carmen Lamoureux offers deep experience in sustainable land management, forestry, soils, silviculture and horticulture. Her foundation in ecosystem dynamics drives her practical approach to design and education.

In her local permaculture scene, Carmen is also owner of the Urban Permaculture Project and founder of The Urban Farm School, inspiring and educating her community about building resilience through regenerative food production in Calgary’s very cold climate.

In addition to helping permaculture enthusiasts and gardeners gain the confidence and skills to build more abundant and resilient lives, you’ll also find Carmen moonlighting as a folk, jazz and blues musician!

Greenhouse Not Required!

Good news! You do not need a greenhouse to have wholesome, home-grown food all year round. Expensive imported vegetables and processed food don’t have to be your winter staples. Discover how you can leverage your existing garden and storage space for a healthy, nutritious diet throughout the year.


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