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So You’ve Earned Your PDC (Congratulations!)
….but where do you go from here?

After the intensity of a Permaculture Design Course, implementing your learning can be a lonely process…

Worrying over big decisions

Dealing with conflicting priorities

Finding appropriate technology

Seeking out reliable information and resources

Holding to timeline for completing projects

Managing the feeling of complete overwhelm

and, feeling as if the one thing you know is how much you don’t!

We Understand….and We’re Here to Help.

In more than 10 years of permaculture design, consulting, teaching and leadership, we’ve…
Verge Founders Michelle and Rob Avis have been on their own permaculture journey for more than 15-years.

Trained more than 2000 permaculture homesteaders and small-farm business owners…

Built a global permaculture community through summits featuring international experts…

Established and maintained successful urban and rural homesteads / teaching centers.

Produced a comprehensive, multi-media knowledge base on permaculture and regenerative living...

Bring Your Skills to the Next Level with a
Permaculture Education Designed for Your Needs…
Your Learning Style…Your Life!

The Verge Permaculture Academy offers:

World-class faculty presenting six 6-8-week live Masterclasses each year.

Wide-ranging, live expert Q&As and case studies

Audio-only content for offline mobile listening

Collaborative design clinics for peer-to-peer inspiration

A growing, curated Vault of videos, articles, podcasts, and more

A lively community of permaculture practitioners, on a private proprietary platform

(no invasive ads!)

What Are Insiders are Saying?

Our Mission Is To Restore The Planet…
By Training Permaculture Practitioners to Succeed!

Choose the levels of enrollment
that fits your needs, schedule and budget:


$147 /mth

Value $335+ /mth


$599 /6 mnth

Value $2,000+ /6 mnth


$1,099 /yr

Value $4,000+ /yr



Get more details about what’s included HERE.

A Learning Ecosystem That Welcomes You Where You Are…

You have a PDC or you’ve been reading avidly about permaculture.

Great! We’ll help you take your next steps in on-going advanced permaculture training.

You prefer real-time access to instructors.

Get your questions answered in live Q&As, one of the six yearly masterclass lead by expert guest instructors and faculty-moderated community discussions.

Your schedule is packed, you don’t have time to sit down and watch trainings.

We’ve got you covered! Take your learning on the go with offline listening in podcast format using the PodBean Pro mobile app. Listen in the garden, in the car, or on a hike!

Don’t Waste Time and Money on False Starts, Shaky Decisions, and Generic Info from “Professor Google”.

As regenerative gardening grows more mainstream, it’s easy to find dozens of how-to books and videos on rebuilding soil ecology, setting up rainwater harvesting systems, raising chickens, starting a food forest, etc….

…. but you’re not going to find advanced training on the larger systems-design issues that can make your property a self-sustaining haven, or a labor-intensive, money-draining boondoggle!

Learn how to design for the requirements of your climate and your property, with the big picture in mind….and a multidisciplinary faculty and community to support and cheer you on!

Our Guarantee…

When you enroll for an annual or a 6-month subscription, if within 10 days of your enrollment you are not convinced that the program is a fit for you, we’ll provide a full refund. Read our FAQ for the full refund policy. 


Scroll down for schedule, faculty, team, FAQ’s and more…

The Masterclasses

Build a comprehensive skill set for cold-climate resilience with the Verge Academy’s core curriculum: four fresh, live 6-to-8-week Masterclasses each year. A new series of Masterclasses is offered annually.

Warning: You may experience the burden of abundance.

The 2023 Masterclass Lineup

January 2023

April 2023

July 2023

Live Themed Q&A Sessions

You have questions. We have answers.

Are you thinking about renting farmland to raise sheep? Wondering about the laws on harvesting livestock on your property? Debating whether to use hugel berms, swales, or both to control stormwater? Curious about the safe uses of greywater?

These are just a few of the questions that might come up in our biweekly, themed Q&A sessions! We bring in experts from across a variety of disciplines to answer our students’ pressing questions on how to develop resilience and abundance in their lives and on their property.

As an Academy Insider you help determine the themes we offer. Among this year’s topics:


Live Case Studies

Peek behind the scenes on thriving cold and temperate climate permaculture properties!

Wishing you could peek behind the scenes on active permaculture properties? Wanting to ask designers “How did you do X? How does Y work?” Dreaming of hosting a group of permies to your property to show off your design inspirations?

Then you won’t want to miss our Insiders’ Case Studies: each month, join us as fellow permies take you on a live tour of their permaculture property or design while answering your questions throughout.

Seasonally, these may even be conducted as livestream tours! Throughout the dormant months, we’ll stay indoors and look at functioning cold and temperate climate permaculture designs, discussing the intricacies of what makes each one unique.

Community Design Clinics

Catch the blaze of inspiration in our permaculture mastermind.

Join us in lively, compelling “hot seat” sessions as we call on the collective genius of a small group to overcome one Insider’s unique permaculture design challenges… and generate solutions and insights that are of value to all.

“Alone, we struggle; together, we are unstoppable!”

Listen Offline on Your Mobile Device

In the garden, while driving to the local orchard, or as you find yourself enjoying a quiet moment on your compost toilet..

No need to commit to watching all of this awesome content on your screen. With the mobile podcast app, you can easily stream or download hours of content and take the Verge Vault anywhere!

The Verge Vault

Do you have permaculture resources on _____?

When you’re up against a knotty question or need to know how to do XYZ, it’s easy to type a question into Google or Youtube and come up with rafts of information from hundreds of sources….problem is, how do you vet them? How, as we like to say, do you separate signal from noise?

So we’ve pulled hours of our best-loved, classic resources from the Verge Archives to create the Verge Vault – a curated library of easy-to-search content covering a wide spectrum of topics! With videos, podcasts, tools, templates and audiobooks galore, this resource hoard is sure to become your ‘Netflix for permies.’ And this is just the beginning! Expect new content to be added regularly.

Academy Members will also have access to virtual all of the vault content plus recordings from all exclusive Insider events like Live Q&As, Design Clinics and more.

What do we mean when we say virtually everything?

Here is just a small sample of the valuable content you’ll have access to…

Pssst… Want to hear Bill Mollison teach permaculture? Watch or listen to a remastered version of a full PDC design course taught by the master himself.  So join the Academy and see for yourself what our permaculture treasure hunters dig up next!

Online Community

Imagine: An online Community with no ads, bots, spam, or distractions!

Connect with like-minded folks in our private online community. Academy Members, gain access the private Insiders’ group with direct access to Verge faculty and fellow Insiders.

Forget Facebook, this is where the magic happens!

Have Questions?

Want to connect on-on-one with someone from our Team? Please feel free to join a “Live Tour & Q&A” session with Alain, our Academy Director, using the booking link here. Alternatively, send Alain an email with any questions you have and/or request a time to connect.


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