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Garden Design Strategies for Year-Round Nutrition

Plan your soil, space and crops for a well-fed winter!

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Good Nutrition Is Possible Even When the Farmer’s Market Closes!


Turned off by pricey, tired, imported winter vegetables at the grocery?

preserved food and canning goods in a larder

Feeling “meh” about a larder loaded with ready-made boxed meals?

tomato plants growing inside a permaculture designed greenhouse

Looking to create a winter diet aligned with your permaculture values?

Discover how you can grow, put up, and store delicious home-grown produce for feasting all winter!

When you design your garden for four-season food security, your larder can always be full regardless of wild weather or blocked roads.  

You might be thinking,

“I’ve got this – You should taste my home-grown salsa & jam!” 

Great – we should swap recipes!

For clarity, our Masterclass goes way beyond canning, pickling, or preserving. You’ll, discover how to build on your skills! Learn how to design your garden and storage space for a rich and varied winter diet, with dried beans, cured potatoes and winter squash, as well as perennial fruits and vegetables, culinary herbs, and other flavourful and nutritious crops that you can grow at any scale.

Setting You Up for Success … No Greenhouse Required!

Good news! You do not need a greenhouse to have wholesome, home-grown food all year round. Discover how you can leverage your existing garden and storage space for a healthy, nutritious diet throughout the year.

Here’s a short list of the strategies you’ll learn in this 8-module Masterclass:

How to design your garden for storage crops that provide the most value for your needs and your space

How to maximize your yield, whether you have a balcony container garden or a full-acre plot on your back 40…

How to harvest and prepare your produce for storage, whether you’re curing, canning, fermenting, or…

Where to store your stockpile of food if your space is small (you’ll be amazed at some of the places you can use!)…

We will also teach you about seed saving, season extension, and so much more!

Meet Your Instructor

Ecologist, Permaculture Educator, and Eco Entrepreneur Carmen Lamoureux
carmen lamoureux is the lead instructor for the latest verge masterclass course and runs urban farm school

As the lead instructor for the Verge PDC, Carmen Lamoureux offers deep experience in sustainable land management, forestry, soils, silviculture and horticulture. Her foundation in ecosystem dynamics drives her practical approach to design and education.

In her local permaculture scene, Carmen is also owner of the Urban Permaculture Project and founder of The Urban Farm School, inspiring and educating her community about building resilience through regenerative food production in Calgary’s very cold climate.

In addition to helping permaculture enthusiasts and gardeners gain the confidence and skills to build more abundant and resilient lives, you’ll also find Carmen moonlighting as a folk, jazz and blues musician!

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Experience the Empowerment of 4-Season Food Security

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Modules High-Level Topics Covered
Module #1 Introduction and Overview of Storage Crops
Module #2 Growing Methods and Considerations Part 1
Module #3 Growing Methods and Considerations Part 2
Module#4 Season Extension Strategies
Module #5 Harvesting, Curing, Processing and Storage Strategies Part 1
Module #6 Harvesting, Curing, Processing and Storage Strategies Part 2
Module #7 The Root Cellar – Designs and Case Studies
Module #8 Seed Saving Strategies for Storage Crops


Will there be any assignments?

The instructor may offer you optional practice exercises that are designed to hone the skills and knowledge being taught. These are not required to complete the course.

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