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Advanced Home Orcharding Masterclass

Grow Resilient Fruit Crops at Home

with Stefan Sobkowiak of Miracle Farms

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Fruits, Nuts, and Berries the Way They’re Meant to Taste 

Tree-Ripened, Harvested Fresh from Your Own Property
One Second from Tree to Tastebuds

Chemical Free






Meet Your Instructor

Stefan Sobkowiak

Stefan Sobkowiak has been described as “a man outstanding in his field” – a biologist, university lecturer and public speaker. In 2017, he founded “beyond-organic” Miracle Farms, now the largest permaculture fruit orchard in Eastern North America, which also incorporates livestock and fowl. 

With advanced degrees in wildlife biology and landscape architecture, he has crafted designs to attract beneficial birds, animals and insects to clients’ properties over the past 20 years.

He has taught courses including Fruit Production and Landscape Plants and Design at Montreal’s McGill University, and spoken to more than 400 groups on topics including edible gardening, landscape design, and permaculture. 

With Stefan’s expertise, humour and optimism, he is a popular lecturer, eagerly requested by Verge students since his talk on Your Permaculture Lab at Verge’s 2021 Permaculture Summit. We’re thrilled to welcome him back!

Orcharding for the Busy Homesteader

With Stefan Sobkowiak’s inspired use of permaculture principles, you can have a thriving regenerative orchard, with continual harvests to savor and share over an extended growing season, and still have time to enjoy your life!

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn how to:

  • Plan your orchard from seed-to-succession
  • Design the layout for soil fertility and maximum yield
  • Prepare your property and set up your orchard nursery
  • Stack functions with plant guilds and multiple-use trees
  • Propagate your trees by grafting
  • Increase yield by pruning and other techniques
  • Protect your plants successfully with Integrated Pest Management
  • Integrate bees, ducks, chickens, rabbits, and/or sheep into your system
  • …and much more!

Healthy Trees and Luscious Fruit – Naturally

Our Masterclass guides you through every step of designing your home orchard to produce abundant organic crops while naturally nourishing the soil and repelling pests.

Select the right cultivars to extend your harvesting season by months

Use four key factors to grow flavourful, nutritious fruit organically

Tailor your orchard design to your site and save both time and money

Design and build a small-scale model to visualize your orchard in 3D

Fact vs Myth

If you’ve held off from starting a homestead orchard because you’ve heard stories about how hard it is – relax. In Stefan’s Masterclass, he provides years of proven results from his Miracle Farm to set you free from all the misinformation out there! For example: YES, You Can!

tree growing out of money

Start an orchard without paying your life-savings to commercial nurseries.

green apples growing in a food forest

Have healthy, beautiful fruit without spraying pesticides.

free range chickens eating dandelions

 Integrate animals into your orchard for a naturally balanced ecosystem. 

Health for Your Family, Health for the Earth

If you’re looking to build a self-sufficient, regenerative life an orchard is essential to your property! Give your family all the vitamins and minerals plus the freshness and flavour of just-picked fruits, berries and nuts grown in a thriving permaculture ecosystem. With this Masterclass you can design your system right the first time.

Here’s what past students have to say:

No More Chemical-Laced, Well-Travelled Fruit

With Stefan’s proven strategies you can stagger your harvests with several cultivars for Fruit-of-the-Month variety–no more unripe picked-to-ship Gala, mealy Red Delicious, or GMO Arctic apples!
Whether you have space for just a half-dozen trees or an acre’s worth, you can add the beauty and biodiversity of a permaculture orchard to your property, and reap the luxury of tree-to-table treats. 
With this whole new level of Earth Care – People Care – Fair Share, you can green your property, your budget, and your community

Stefan will show you how it’s possible.

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Week High-Level Topics Covered
Module #1 Intro, Site Selection, Concepts & Ideas
Module #2 Designing Your Orchard pt.1
Module #3 Designing Your Orchard pt. 2
Module #4 Animal Integration
Module #5 Pruning & Training
Module #6 Maintenance & Harvest

On average, webinars will run about two hours long, and may go shorter or longer depending on the number of student questions each week.

All webinars are recorded and posted to the student dashboard where you can watch or (re-watch) at your own pace.



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