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Money-Saving Keys to a Comfortable, Energy-Efficient Home!

Renewable Home Energy Solutions Masterclass

With Dan Chiras

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Stuck in an Energy Quandary?

When you’re looking to combat the rising costs of conventional energy and save thousands by producing your power close to home, all sorts of questions may arise:

Complex Technology

Your Home’s Renewable Potential

Conflicting Consultations

Time & Money Investment

Risk of a Wrong Choice

We understand and have designed this Masterclass precisely to solve your renewable energy challenges. 

Get the Info and Strategies You Need to Save and Produce Energy At Home!

With Dan Chiras’ expert guidance, you’ll discover what it takes to heat, cool, and power your home, while using the least amount of energy for the greatest return.
Learn how you can:
  • Recognize the way heat moves in and out of your house
  • Improve your energy efficiency
  • Use sustainable strategies to get almost-free heat for life
  • Set up passive strategies to get almost-free cooling for life
  • Understand the science of renewable energy and solar electricity
  • Store your renewable energy for future use
  •  Learn the basics of home-scale wind and micro hydro power; solar and hybrid water heater; hydrogen energy; fuel cells; home-scale biofuels; and more!

Meet Your Instructor

Dan Chiras

The author of 40 books on renewable energy and sustainable living, Dan Chiras, PhD, has lived on solar electricity since 1996. Over the past 40 years, he has built an international reputation as a self-sufficiency and sustainability educator/consultant. He has spent his career training both homeowners and renewable energy industry associations in topics including residential solar electricity, passive solar heating and cooling, green building, and more. 

He has installed numerous solar electric and wind systems in Colorado and Missouri and consulted on dozens of passive solar, energy-efficient homes throughout the United States and Canada. Dan currently lives with his wife on a solar homestead in Colorado.

Apply Science and Math to Your Energy Use

Whether you’re retrofitting a vintage home, looking to buy a new-to-you property, or planning to build your own, this Masterclass will give you the guidance you need to cut your energy expenses without sacrificing comfort, and instead gain:
blue house powered by sunshine
Holistic View of Home Energy

Tools to assess your home’s energy use and identify energy-saving strategies

berm house featuring an outdoor stone chimney
Tactics for Any Budget

Low-cost energy-saving techniques and high-end renewable technologies

renewable home energy planning
Tips for Contractor Negotiations

Strategies for choosing a contractor and clearly conveying your goals and specs

After You’ve Swapped Your Lightbulbs, What’s Next? 

If you’re facing too many options in setting your energy priorities, you can’t afford to miss this Masterclass!  Dan has helped hundreds of everyday homeowners to understand how the energy of their home works, and then to identify the money-saving, energy-saving plans to fit their needs.

Here are just a few of the solutions he’s teaching to help you build your energy resilience:

If you rent and can’t retrofit: apply passive and active energy-saving strategies without demolition.

If your local utility’s prices are low: build security for outages with renewable backup systems and storage solutions.

If your home needs a major energy overhaul: design a long-term plan and implement it in affordable, incremental steps.

If you’re building your home: employ proven strategies to navigate regulations and achieve a renewable solution.

Discover Your Energy-Saving Solutions And Do Your Budget, Your Health, and the Planet a Favour!

When you’re producing your own energy at home and relying less on the grid, the benefits just keep on multiplying. Cleaner indoor air, healthier forms of heating and cooling, fewer pollutants in the atmosphere from fossil fuels, not to mention lower (or non-existent) energy bills! And so much more…

And you can gain it all in this rare opportunity to learn from international renewable energy expert Dan Chiras, in the proven Verge Academy Masterclass format!

Just see what former students have said about their Masterclasses:

Protect Yourself from Rising Energy Costs and Dangerous Outages

With weather getting weirder, it only takes one power outage to realize how much your household depends on reliable energy!
Skip the noisy, smelly, petroleum-hungry generator and lock in your steady supply of quiet renewable energy with the many solutions Dan Chiras provides in this Masterclass. 
Sign up today – don’t miss this renewable opportunity to achieve your permaculture dreams!

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Week High-Level Topics Covered
Module #1 Building Science + Home Energy Efficiency
Module #2 Sustainable Energy Strategies
Module #3 Passive Cooling Strategies
Module #4 Solar Electricity
Module #5 Battery Backup
Module #6 Intro to Small Wind, Microhydro, Solar Hot Water + Hybrid Water Heaters
Module #7 The Future of Energy: Hydrogen, Fuel Cells + Home Scale Biofuels
Module #8 Open session

On average, webinars will run about two hours long, and may go shorter or longer depending on the number of student questions each week.

All webinars are recorded and posted to the student dashboard where you can watch or (re-watch) at your own pace.


Will there be any assignments?

The instructor may offer you optional practice exercises that are designed to hone the skills and knowledge being taught. These are not required to complete the course.

How do I access my on-demand course / product?

All of our courses and products are hosted on our proprietary learning management portal. As soon as you register we will send you an email with complete instructions on how to access your course materials. If you need help after registering please reach out to us at


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