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  • Thank-you Rob Avis for your continued weekly emails, support and generosity in your efforts to share everything that you learn!

    Ally Cameron
    Ally Cameron
  • When it comes to little tidbits of cool and relevant information, Rob's weekly email grabs my attention every time. I don't follow the news much or have a lot of time to spare, but this fits my schedule just right and it is perfect arsenal to heat up the banter around the table.

    Mike Dorion
    Mike Dorion Living Soil Solutions
  • You are great at explaining complex ideas in an approachable fashion. I look forward to your e-mails each week.

    Nick Beuglet
    Nick Beuglet Facebook Profile Link

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Rob & Michelle Avis 

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  • I have been reading Rob's weekly emails since its inception. They are short, concise, diverse and informative. Rob has been a valuable sounding board for us on our permaculture-based farm.

    Joey Halter
  • You are great at explaining complex ideas in an approachable fashion. I look forward to your e-mails each week.

    Nick Beuglet
    Nick Beuglet Facebook Profile Link
  • Every week I look forward to Rob's upbeat positive emails on permaculture and regenerative agriculture and projects around the globe.

    Dan Telfer
    Dan Telfer
  • Over the past five years I have watched Rob and Michelle build Verge Permaculture from the ground up and I am proud to say that Verge Permaculture is now one of North America's premier permaculture design and education companies.

    Geoff Lawton
    Geoff Lawton Director of The Permaculture Institute
  • Rob and Michelle truly inspired me in so many ways. It's their passion for social change, that keeps me inspired to keep on given er'.

    Curtis Stone Author of The Urban Farmer
  • Rob is a dynamic, informative speaker who clearly knows his subject matter. As an engineer and an ecologist, Rob offers a unique and refreshing perspective.

    Rob Harlan
    Rob Harlan Solar Energy Society of Alberta
  • If you want to schedule an event with them, or just attend one, I recommend them very, very highly.

    Toby Hemenway Author of Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture
  • Michelle, Rob and the rest of the Verge crew dedicate an enormous amount of care and energy to make life-changing educational opportunities available to their community.

    Craig Sponholtz Dryland Solutions Inc.
  • Rob and Michelle Avis are not only highly knowledgeable about all matters concerning sustainability, but also convey sustainable living in a compelling and lively way. They make the journey fun.  

    Anna Ford, Edmonton, AB
  • We strongly recommend Rob as a voice for all generations of environmental, sustainability, and community building professionals and endorse his technical prowess and relationship building skills to communities across Canada!

    Rene Michalak, Red Deer, AB ReThink Red Deer
  • Every so often someone comes along who seems to change the game. In this case, Alberta’s good fortune is doubly so, as it is a dynamic husband and wife who have changed people’s lives in service of environmental stewardship. As engineers-turned-sustainability designers, Rob and Michelle Avis have brought back Permaculture from a global learning expedition and innovated—adapted tools to Alberta conditions—sustaining not only their own small business but so much more…

    Adam Gagnon, Calgary, AB
    Adam Gagnon, Calgary, AB
  • Rob and Michelle’s continuous passion for seeking out innovative approaches and finding ways to disseminate valuable information in the community with a keen eye for business sense has been a game-changer in Calgary, and across Alberta.

    Alla Guelber
    Alla Guelber The Meaningful Work Project
  • I would not be at nearly the same point in my career, nor would I be the same person, if it weren’t for Rob’s influence in my business and life.

    Luke Kimmel
    Luke Kimmel Regenerate Design
  • I've never seen a permaculture endeavour marry business and permaculture together so well and I've rarely met finer people in my life.

    Tad Hargrave
    Tad Hargrave Marketing For Hippies

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