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Luke Kimmel is a young social entepreneur and permaculture designer who shows that both the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to heal the planet can be satisfied through permaculture and urban farming.

Prior to starting work in permaculture, Luke helped found and run a clothing company / artist collective / events company called Light & Soul, and had also undertaken ventures in product distribution, business development, and music management. Thus, Luke’s approach to permaculture came through the lens of entrepreneurship, and all began when he first discovered yurts, and was extremely intrigued by the concept of building his own home for less than $15000. This led him to examine the concept of self sufficiency, and eventually move to a farm to in Winlaw, BC to take his first Permaculture Design Certificate course. After taking this course and spending a couple months living on a farm, Luke knew that he had found his true calling – to live out his vision of paradise through cultivating sustainable human habitats and creating opportunities for meaningful work and community development.

Now alongside 3 long time friends and business partners, Luke helps run their company Leaf Ninjas which does urban farming and permaculture design / edible landscaping in Calgary, AB. The Leaf Ninjas cultivate a half acre of urban farmland spread between 10 back yards in the inner city neighborhoods of Inglewood and Ramsay, and will be selling produce to local restaurants and at the Inglewood & Ramsay Farmers Market which they helped found in 2012. Over the past 3 years Luke has consulted on a wide variety of permaculture projects ranging from urban yards to community gardens to small and medium sized homesteads and acreages. The Leaf Ninjas have now designed and installed 8 permaculture gardens in Calgary and they plan to increase that number significantly in 2013, while also offering consulting and design services geared towards DIY gardeners and land owners who want to foster a more meaningful connection with their landscape.

Luke was also instrumental in shifting the focus of the company Light & Soul from clothing to video production, and helped produce the Verge Graduate Interview Series.


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  • Lina Lavertu

    Luke, I applaud you and your partners. I lived on an acrege for more then 16 years – goats, sheep,cow,chiche s,turkeys, 2potbelly pigs,pony, later rabbits,a large garden for our own useand togive away. Raised dogs also-my best money maker. Homed schooled my 2 children as a single mom. Both now have university degree s. Made my own butter&cheese,yogurt,buttermilk creme freshe,bread,jam ect.Started at 42yrs old. It was not a piece of cake but iloved working out doors in God’s creation with His creations. Did it to mostly teach my children the Holy Catholic Faith, to teach them to work and to think for themselves to not follow the works. Wish I had knowledge in permculture and what Joel Salatin teaches then. I am so excited about what you are all doing, that ihave been telling others and sending links. My own father in Regina went in buisness as a landscape contractor when Iwas 7. He had 10 children and employed up to 8 people . God Bless You all in your endeavors. Lina

  • Agapé Gardens

    Now this is really inspiring! great work


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