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Ever Wondered, “What Can I Do With a Permaculture Certificate?” Meet Our Grads and Get Inspired By Their Stories of Earth Repair and Personal Transformation!

Verge’s Grad Interview Series tells the stories of 10 past students of our Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, documenting what they’ve done with the knowledge, skills and inspiration they acquired from the course. Two film makers set out to find these graduates and catch them in action, capturing their successes, struggles, and transformations as they embark on new endeavours – starting gardens, homesteads, community projects, businesses, building sustainable homes and structures, hosting conferences and much more.

At this turning point in human history, where people from all walks of life have begun searching for a more fulfilling and sustainable way of living, these PDC graduates show what is possible, and in doing so demonstrate the essence of the permaculture movement that is sweeping Calgary and the world. We hope that watching these videos inspires you as much as we were inspired by creating them; so kick back, press play, and enjoy watching positive, practical change in action! And stay tuned for the 10 full-length interviews, to be unveiled on our website in late 2012 and early 2013! 


Verge’s Grad Interview Series – Part 1 – The Trailer



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