What We Talk About When We Talk About Solar

This week, I want to go over a case study in rainwater harvesting design. This example is special to me because it’s about how we partnered with my mother-in-law to transform her property into a [...]

On Climate Change Adaptation, Part 1

Recently, I attended a community meeting where we spoke about looming climate shifts. As part of the evening, we watched a presentation by Stuart Scott from Columbia University on the future of [...]

Land as Insurance, Part 3: The Role of Farms

Here is part 1 and part 2 of the Land as Insurance series. In an attempt to understand how to create insurance for my family around food, water, energy, and money, I came up with the idea of [...]

Land as Insurance, Part 2: The Black Swan Theory

Last time, we talked about predictable risk that falls within a Gaussian distribution. But not all risk follows this pattern; some risks are rare and catastrophic and can only be explained in [...]

Storing Heat Underground in a Geo Solar System

As an engineer and permaculture designer living in a cold-climate, I am particularly fascinated with the interplay between thermodynamics and design and with capturing “waste” energy [...]

Our Permaculture Homestead – Video Tour

Join us for a beautiful and info-packed video tour of our permaculture homestead! This is a 3-part series where we explain and explore our: – thriving food forest complete with fruit trees, [...]

Rocket Mass Heater: A Better Wood Burning Stove

What is a Rocket Mass Heater, you ask? A while back, the team from Green Energy Futures (which includes our past PDC grad Duncan Kinney) came down to Calgary to film a workshop we co-hosted and [...]

Coppicing – A Lost Art Revisited

Coppicing has always been interesting to me as a wood production system (fuel, timber) because it uses trees that can be cut perpetually. In other words, the tree is cut and grows back. This is [...]

Gains From Catching Rain In Drains: A Video Explanation Of The Rain Tank Project

In this video Rob showcases one of the major water harvesting feature – an underground rainwater cistern – on Rob and Michelle’s urban home property. This rain tank is unique because [...]

Rockets That Don’t Fly

Living in Canada makes staying warm in winter an interesting challenge. In such a cold climate I have long wondered how to continue to keep humans warm (care of people) without bringing down [...]

Husum Wind Energy Conference

Rob and I attended the Husum Wind Energy Conference on September 18th. The largest wind industry trade show in the world is held every second year in Northern Germany in a small town [...]

A Car Powered by Wind

Here at the Folkecenter there are numerous vehicles running on alternative fuels. Pure Plant Oil (PPO) There is a rape seed refinery here where they have the ability to press and filter rape seed [...]