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Today I had the privilege of interviewing Rene Michalak who has started an innovative project called The MEGGA WATT project which is an acronym for The Micro-Energy Generating Garage Assembly (MEGGA). Rene decided to see how much food one family could produce in a backyard and garage using a passive solar greenhouse, aquaponics systems, SPIN farming techniques and renewable energy.

Listen to the Interview here: 


The project is licensed with Collective Commons which means it is open source much like the Global Village Construction Set . Rene has set up a crowd funding platform to raise some of the money to get this project kick started.  For more information on his project check out

To donate, click here.  


Check out this short video by the MEGGA-WATT team: 




Additional resources from the interview:


Subterranian Heating and Cooling System –

Growing Spaces Greenhouse –


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