Building Enduring Assets: Part I An Introduction

Recently Hilliard MacBeth, director of wealth management at Richardson GMP in Edmonton, put his reputation on the line by stating that Canada is a a housing bubble set to burst in the next few [...]

Top 11 Awesome Appropriate Technologies For Your Home

After looking at lists of bad building design choices, I’ve gathered together top 11 promising appropriate technologies I’ve seen in use for residential and commercial buildings. For those [...]

Tips and Insights from Miracle Farms

Recently Michelle, Rowan, Naomi and I embarked on a cross-country train trip to attend a family reunion in the eastern townships of Quebec. With a little extra time left over after the [...]

Gains From Catching Rain In Drains: A Video Explanation Of The Rain Tank Project

In this video Rob showcases one of the major water harvesting feature – an underground rainwater cistern – on Rob and Michelle’s urban home property. This rain tank is unique because [...]

Buying the Right Property – Avoiding Tears and the High Cost of Getting it Wrong

For the past 5 years I have been consulting in permaculture, which is the design and integration of: renewable energy systems low energy buildings food system design – both annual and [...]

Whoa! What a Week-end…

Well this past week-end we kicked off the start of Spring in a big way: Saturday and Sunday were the first two days of our Calgary Permaculture Design Course, Saturday was Seedy Saturday and [...]

What is an Earthship?

Largely popularized by the 2008 documentary movie, Garbage Warrior, an Earthship is an earth-sheltered, passive solar home built from – well, trash (basically, car tires and cans). Inventor [...]