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  Michael Pollan, Joel Salatin, Geoff Lawton, Dr. Elaine Ingham, Allan Savory, Paul Wheaton, Toby Hemenway, our very own Rob Avis… and over 30 more world-renowned authors, speakers, and [...]

Follow Your Small-Farm Dreams – Free Teleclass with Joel Salatin!

This free teleclass is no longer available.   You’ve Seen the Success Stories of Small Farming Businesses. You’ve Read the Books. But You’re Still Wondering – Could I Make It If I Followed My [...]

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Bringing Joel Salatin to Your Living Room? What You Need to Know About Our Livestream Event

The livestream dream of broadcasting Joel Salatin's workshops to the world launched us into a new technological frontier - simplifying things on the one hand (our friends in Australia can attend [...]

Sustainable Agriculture Superstar Joel Salatin Coming to Alberta!

Joel Salatin to Teach (and Preach) The Virtues of Small-Scale Farming in Alberta This March      Join us, March 20-22, as Joel offers up his highly praised how-to’s for establishing and [...]

Local Farming Wisdom Goes Global: Verge to Broadcast Joel Salatin’s First-Ever Livestream Course Around the World

When sustainable agriculture superstar Joel Salatin agreed to come teach for us, we knew we had to make it count. Joel’s message of reclaiming farming and food production has been so influential [...]