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Largely popularized by the 2008 documentary movie, Garbage Warrior, an Earthship is an earth-sheltered, passive solar home built from – well, trash (basically, car tires and cans).

Inventor Micheal Reynolds is a renegade architect from New Mexico and spent his career determined to design self-sufficient, off-the-grid homes. The Garbage Warrior  documentary tells the story of his most recent building invention, the Earthship, and the issues and frustrations that he encountered when dealing with the regulatory authorities.

Michelle and I visited Michael Reynolds in Taos, New Mexico in the Spring of 2008 and participated in an Earthship building workshop. We really enjoyed it, learned a ton, and wrote an article about our experience.

Recently we’ve received a lot questions from students and there seems to be a little “Earthship” buzz going on. We thought to highlight the article which tells the story of meeting the eccentric Reynolds, pounding tires, building walls from beer cans and our general opinions about these types of buildings. Read more.

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