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Thanks to the great group of people who joined us for a wonderful time this past week-end learning about the edible and medicinal qualities of wild plants. 

Big thank-you also to Master Herbalist Blaine Andrusek who shared his incredible knowledge and kept us entertained with fantastic facts, stories and folklore!

Our heads are so full of info, but here are a few of my favorite tips:

  • How to make Meadow Rue, Chickweed, Stinkweed and Tiger Lily salads
  • Extracting sugary sweetness from Cat Tails
  • Learning the difference between Wild Onions and Death Camas
  • How to use the tannins in Bearberry to harden the skin on your hands before a canoe trip
  • How the calcium floride present in Raspberry leave tea is beneficial for pregnant women, increasing elasticity and reducing stretch marks (yeah!)
  • Using the “sunscreen” from the bark of the Trembling Aspen
  • The fantastic antiseptic qualities of Juniper berries (grab some for your next plane flight!)
  • Which plants to grab when you get a bee sting in your back yard (look for Plantain)
  • How to find and identify our very own wild and native version of “Oil of Oregano” – Wild Bergamont.


I can’t wait for next year!

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