You’re Not Alone. And You Can Make a Difference. Here’s How… (2/3)

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“Am I doing a good enough job of taking care of this planet? And if not, how can I be doing better?”

If you’re like us, you find yourself pondering this question on a weekly, if not daily basis!

It’s a question that we here at Verge have dedicated our lives to answering…but it’s not one any of us can answer alone.

So we asked 16 Permaculture experts to share their Knowledge about how they’ve been actively making the planet a better place in our recent online summit, Hope, Knowledge, and a Plan, and we compiled the best clips to provide you with ideas and inspiration.

Take a listen below…

But what is permaculture you ask?

Permaculture is a design tool that combines ancient and new approaches to yield proven results in land regeneration, renewable energy, infrastructure development, food security, community resiliency, and much more…

But unfortunately, many are still in the dark without Knowledge about what it is and how to use it in what they do.

Permaculture was developed by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in the post-Silent Spring 1970s, as a response to industrial agriculture systems that were already being identified as highly destructive and un-sustainable. It is a solutions-oriented design system that uses patterns found in nature as a basis for designing your home, backyard garden, business property, community commons, municipal streets/parkways, and just about anything you can imagine…

It is a holistic approach to tackling our biggest problems in life with truly environmentally friendly solutions.

For Example:

  • City water supplies are growing more toxic from chemicals used in purification…
  • Mainstream energy, water, and food supplies are getting steadily more expensive and less safe…
  • Developers are pulling in mega-millions while families get sick in poorly built, unhealthy, chemically-processed homes…
  • …and permaculturists are using plants and various low-tech systems to transform sewage into clean, drinkable water…
  • …and permaculturists are installing local renewable energy systems, community water-harvesting systems, passive solar greenhouses, and food forests…
  • …and permaculturists are designing and building simple, low-energy homes made with local natural materials, totally debt-free…

Permaculture is not something you DO, it is something you USE in what you do. Its applications are infinite, and if you listen to the various ways our summit speakers have been applying Permaculture, you’ll begin to understand that its applications are truly limitless…

But without the Knowledge of what Permaculture offers, it’s impossible to arrive at the solutions our world so desperately needs right now.

By this point, you might be wondering what our answer is to the question we posed at the start of this blog.

Our answer is: “While our species is most definitely not doing a good enough job at taking care of the planet, each one of us has the option – and opportunity –  to do better!”

For us at Verge, Permaculture is a body of Knowledge that gives us a Hopeful vision for the future, by teaching us how to take earth reparation into our own hands WHILE making a living doing it.

And we have dedicated our lives to sharing that Knowledge with as many people as we possibly can, so we can start to turn things around.

And that is exactly what we teach you in our Permaculture Design Course. With more than half a century of collective experience between all the instructors in our teaching team, we provide you with the Knowledge, the hard-skills, and the design tools you’ll need to succeed, in any climate, any ecosystem, anywhere around the world.

Are you feeling like you’re ready to start making positive ecological and social change? Just the button below to take your first step and learn more.

Thank you for taking the time to watch the video we’ve embedded and for reading this article. Stay tuned for our last article in this series on the Plan.

Yours Truly,

The team at Verge.

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