Online Permaculture Design Course

While Your Job is on Hold and
You are in Quarantine –
Reboot Your Life!

Create a Future of Healthy,
Safe Food, Water, and Land
With Training, Tools, and Support
from Verge’s First Online (Live & Interactive)
Permaculture Design Certification Course


Verge is going to offer their first-ever online permaculture design course – at 50% off their regular course price. Stay tuned… our team is working very hard to pull all the details together in short order and we are releasing details as we have them!

Sunday, April 19, 2020 – Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 – 5 pm Mountain Time. (Convert to your time zone here)

Live webinars combined with access to our student dashboard including all recordings, bonus materials, ability to post questions, and more!

What are you doing with your quarantine?

If you’re wondering how you’ll feed your family if grocery shelves stay bare – how you’ll heat your home or keep the lights on for the long term – if you’ll have a job to return to, or whether you can restart your business when this storm is over – we have the solution you’re looking for: Verge Permaculture’s first online, live & interactive Permaculture Design Certification course, starting April 19 wherever you are!

Discover how to create food and water security, lower electrical and fuel bills with renewable energy, gain the keys to a new, sustainable livelihood, and so much more. Learn practical preparedness from a team of urban and rural permaculture designer/consultants, ecological engineers, business and marketing mentors – all successful entrepreneurs. This PDC starts with an international standard curriculum and adds fresh expert content designed to help you position yourself for facing a changed future with confidence.

If you’re looking to come out of this quarantine with the skills, knowledge, tools and network to create a secure future for yourself, your loved ones, and your community, you need this course!

$699 + tax, if applicable
(or 3 payments of $267 + tax)

For any questions pertaining to the course, content, outline, why Verge, value, and/or the faculty, please visit the Main PDC Listing page. 


Ask and get your questions answered in over thirty lively, interactive webinars with the teaching team….

Anchor your learning with assignments and a final design project

Interact with your classmates through our student dashboard or through a private student-only facebook page

Re-watch or re-listen to all recorded sessions, at your own pace.

And the groundbreaking content doesn’t stop with the live webinars!

You’ll receive…

200+ page e-notepack

…Seven years in the making, our Verge PDC Notepack contains nearly 200 pages of content. Designed for students taking our Permaculture Design Course, this Notepack allows students to follow along and take notes during the course.

More info

Permaculture Primer E-Course

…The Permaculture Primer E-Course (Interactive Level) is a 3.5 hour online video course included in your tuition. 

More info

Supplemental materials, downloads and resources

…And our digital resource library includes copies of all slides, detailed handouts and support materials to deepen your understanding…

More info


Sunday, April 19, 2020 – Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Live webinars hosted on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 – 5 pm Mountain Time. (Convert to your time zone here)

WEEK Starts on Topics Covered
Week #1 Sunday, April 19, 2020 Coming Soon
Week #2 Sunday, April 26, 2020 Coming Soon
Week #3 Sunday, May 3, 2020 Coming Soon
Week #4 Sunday, May 10, 2020 Coming Soon
Week #5 Sunday, May 17, 2020 Coming Soon
Week #6 Sunday, May 24, 2020 Coming Soon
Week #7 Sunday, May 31, 2020 Coming Soon
Week #8 Sunday, June 7, 2020 Coming Soon
Week #9 Sunday, June 14, 2020 Coming Soon
Week #10 Sunday, June 21, 2020 Coming Soon
Week #11 Sunday, June 28, 2020 Coming Soon

Verge’s Online PDC Teaching Team …

  • Carmen Lamoureux
    Carmen Lamoureux PDC Lead Instructor

    Carmen is the lead instructor for the Verge PDC. She has had a varied career, from working at the Alberta government in the fields of forestry, sustainable resource development and aerial photography to growing organic tomatoes and penning greenhouse production manuals for the horticultural sector. Most recently Carmen is running the URBANFARM School, which provided beginner gardeners and emerging permaculturists with the knowledge, skills, resources and confidence to move toward a more sustainable, enriched and healthy lifestyle. The URBANFARM Permaculture Project’s goal is to promote the practice of permaculture in Calgary and beyond to help create vibrant, resilient and regenerative communities, with the motto of  “Empowerment Through Positive Action.” (Verge PDC Grad 2013)

  • Rob Avis Owner / Lead Instructor / Engineer

    After pursuing international training and certifications in renewable energy and regenerative design I, along with my wife and business partner Michelle, began Verge Permaculture, now a globally-recognized and award-winning design, consulting, and education company. Since then, we’ve helped more than 1000 students and a growing number of clients to design and/or create integrated systems for shelter, energy, water, waste and food, all while supporting local economy and regenerating the land.

    Our consulting firm, Adaptive Habitat is a property design & project management firm that creates resilient homes, acreages and farms for landowners, preserving tangible and enduring wealth by integrating innovative technology, engineered solutions and ecological design.

  • Jen Nobel
    Jen Nobel PDC Teaching Assistant

    Initially an architectural graduate, Jen first heard of permaculture on a trip to Sierra Leone with Earthship Biotecture in 2011, but wasn’t formally introduced to it until she took a few introductory workshops with Jardins sans Frontières in Montreal. Everything seemed new yet was so basic; permaculture struck such a chord with Jen that she felt like her brain was being rewired. After taking the Verge’s Professional Development PDC with 1-on-1 mentoring, Jen moved away from architecture and interior design to launch her own company so she can merge her love for design, technical skills, and health. Learning to grow her own nutrient-dense food and finding personal health solutions are journeys she’s passionate about sharing with others. (Verge PDC Grad 2017)

Confirmed Guest Instructors …

  • Tom Jackman
    Tom Jackman

    Tom Jackman is the owner of Simple Solar. Simple Solar has been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing solar energy systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications for over a decade. Founded in 2006 by Canada’s leading solar experts, they have developed a reputation for excellent products and quality services.

  • Shauna Fidler
    Shauna Fidler

    Shauna is the owner, business consultant and creative designer at Design Farm. Not only is Shauna a foodie and grower, but she has over a decade of food business acumen that she draws on to support clients working in all areas of food  production and processing. From Farm-to-Table and everything in between. Shauna knows what it’s like to run a food business; she has pounded the pavement in the natural food sector across the country, crafted recipes by the hundreds, packaged dozens and dozens of unique products, spent many a day with my back to the sun tending to tender greens, raised farm animals from birth and has hunted for the queen bee in buzzing hives. (Verge PDC Grad 2013)

  • Mike Dorion
    Mike Dorion

    Mike is the owner / operator of Calgary-based Living Soil Solutions. Starting with a Gardening class put on by the Calgary Horticulture Society, Mike became immersed. He continued on with his Permaculture Design Certificate, SPIN Farming, Greenhouse Design, Compost Facility Operators Certificate, and mentoring in Soil and Soil Microbiology and he is currently working on his Soil Food Web Advisor role with the Life in the Soil program put on by Elaine Ingham. (Verge PDC Grad 2012)

  • Takota Coen

    Takota is a 4th generation farmer who helps steward Coen Farm, a 250 acre award winning organic farm in Central Alberta that produces nutrient dense milk fed pork, grass fed beef, and forest garden fruits. In addition to farming, Takota works with famers, ranchers, and acreage owners across Canada to help them design for healthier land, healthier profits and the time to enjoy both. He holds a Permaculture Design Certificate from The Permaculture Research Institute, a Holistic Management Certificate from Holistic Management International, and a Red Seal Journeyman Certificate for Carpentry. (Verge PDC Grad 2016)

$699 + tax, if applicable
(or 3 payments of $267 + tax)


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When is your next PDC offered?

We generally offer 2 in-person PDCs per year –  a 2-week course in the spring/summer and an 8-month course September to May, spread out over three 4-day weekends and one 2-day weekend. In 2020 we’ve added a live online PDC and our spring/summer in-person curse will run in Sept/Oct. All current PDCs open for registration can be found on the PDC Listing Page. The best way to find out about new PDC announcements is by signing up for our mailing list.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can view our cancellation policy here.

Once I’ve registered, can I switch my registration into a different Verge course?

For in-person courses, we do allow changes to registration, however, due to the administrative time required, registration changes are subject to a 10% administrative fee. See our cancellation policy for more details.

Registration switches are not permitted for online courses.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay online with your credit card.

If you’d prefer to pay using another methods (we accept cash, cheque, email money transfer or credit card over the phone), get in touch & we’ll generate an invoice and instructions for paying using other methods.

Your spot is not saved in the course until payment is received.

We can also accept payment plans for some of our Permaculture Design Courses. More info.

*Please note that registrations paid by email money transfer are processed manually. Because we are not in the office everyday, be prepared to wait 24 hours during weekdays before your registration being approved. If you are registering with short notice before an event, we recommend that you pay online using a credit card.

Is the PDC course eligible for tax credit? Do you issue tax receipts?

We are not considered a designated educational institution (i.e. university or college) that qualifies for the purposes of the education tax credit claimed on the tax return. Therefore, our course cannot be claimed under tuition fees on your tax return and we cannot issue T2202A slips.

If you are working in a small business and would like to write off the course because it relates to your business, then yes, you may use our proof of enrolment / course receipt when filing your taxes.

Does the PDC course qualify for Educational Assistance Payments (i.e RESP withdrawl)?

A registered education savings plan (RESP) is a contract between an individual (the subscriber) and a person or organization (the promoter). Under the contract, the subscriber names one or more beneficiaries (the future student(s)) and agrees to make contributions for them, and the promoter agrees to pay educational assistance payments (EAPs) to the beneficiaries. For more information about RESPs visit the CRA website.

Our Permaculture Design Course can meet the requirements of “specified educational program” for the purpose of Educational Assistance Payments, as described on the CRA website. Note that a specified educational program is a program at post-secondary school level that lasts at least three consecutive weeks, and that requires a student to spend no less than 12 hours per-month on courses in the program.

However, before assuming that your promoter will provide Educational Assistance Payments we highly recommend that you contact them to find out if they have any additional requirements above those stated on the CRA website. The reason for this is that although we have had numerous students successful in requesting EAPs from the holder of their plan (i.e. the promoter), there has also been some students told by their promoter that we do not qualify.

Do you offer Scholarships for your PDCs?


For more information about the Verge Permaculture Scholarship Fund, and how to apply, click here. Note that there are no scholarships for the online PDC.

Would you like to make a donation to our scholarship fund? 100% of donated amounts are directly handed out in the form of tuition reduction to deserving students. Learn more at the link above.

What is the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC)?

The PDC is a tested and proven standardized curriculum offered by permaculture institutes and educational centers around the world. Developed by visionary author/educator/naturalist Bill Mollison, it includes all of the topics in his pioneering work, Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual…which you will receive as a part of your course package.

Offered in either an intensive 13-day or 3 long-weekend format, our Permaculture Design Certificate, or PDC, is a course for people who want to make permaculture a way of life or create a livelihood doing earth repair. We’ve gone above and beyond the requirements of the standard 72 hour curriculum by incorporating our own expertise from sustainable design projects around the world, additional products and resources, and teaching our own special step-by-step design process. Our course is certified with the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia.

Is there a pre-requisite for the PDC?

No. All you need is the ability and desire to learn in a fast-paced classroom environment.

Will I still receive my PDC certificate if I have to miss a class?

A student may miss up to, but no more than 2 full days of the in-person PDC course, and still receive their course certificate. Students in the Premium package are eligible for unlimited refresher courses, and may attend later PDC classes to make up for missed time. Students in the online PDC will have access to all lectures and can watch at a different time. We recommend you watch the class you missed before the next class begins.

Is there homework in your PDC? What is the time commitment outside of class?

Our PDC includes a 5 hour Introduction to Permaculture video course that all students are expected to watch prior to the first class. It is accessible to students as shown as they register.

Students will be given small activities or homework throughout the course as well as readings and videos to watch. There will be time in class for certain assignments, however, to get the most out of the course, expect to spend a few hours a week learning on your own and preparing for the final project.

As this is an adult education course, homework will not be graded – you get what you put in.  Completion of the final design project is required to earn the certificate.

How do I login in to your website and/or re-set my password?

To Login Or Create An Account

To login, hover over the login menu item and select LOGIN if you already have an account, or REGISTER if you need to create one:



Lost your password?

If you’ve lost your password, visit the password reset page.


How Do I Send An Email Money Transfer?

*Please note that registrations paid by EMT are processed manually. Because we are not in the office everyday, be prepared to wait 24 hours during weekdays before your registration being approved. If you are registering with short notice before an event, we recommend that you pay online using a credit card.

To send an email money transfer you need access to online banking through a participating financial institution (BMO, CIBC, RBC, Scotia Bank, or TD Canada Trust, among others).

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Login to your online banking.

2. Locate Interac Email Money Transfer, usually found in the Transfer/Payments menu.

3. Fill in the Interac Email Money Transfer information as follows:

          1. Recipients email address: .
          2. Payment Amount: the total amount of your invoice.
          3. Security Question: Please make the security question “Reg ID”
          4. Security Answer:The password should be the last 6 digits of the Registration ID found at the top corner of the invoice (you can download an invoice when completing your registration)
          5. Message: Include your name, the course name and if different, the name of the course registrant.

f you need more detailed instructions for completing an email money transfer, go to .Please keep this invoice.

Alternatively, you can call us (1-403-770-9789) and leave the answer to the security question. For security reasons, please do not email the answer.

How Do I Get My Register With A Friend Discount?

Registering with a friend for the same Permaculture Design Course? Great news – we will give you our early bird pricing no matter when you choose to register.

Contact us (info@vergepermaculture) with your name & the name of your friend who will be registering to get discount codes to use during the checkout process.

Also note that you are welcome to register in different PDC packages (Foundational or Premium). We will also retroactively give you a discount should you pay regular price, then convince a friend to join you in the course. Just get in touch with us!

As a PDC Student, where do I find my online materials and extra digital resources, as applicable?

This six minute video provides a comprehensive overview of how to access your Student Dashboard and associated course materials:

The Student Dashboard

Once you are logged into the site, the WELCOME STUDENT! menu item will appear. Hover over the WELCOME STUDENT!  menu item and navigate to the STUDENT DASHBOARD (or simply visit the url:

From there, scroll down and select the tab called ONLINE COURSES & MATERIAL to view any online courses or online material associated with in-person courses, as applicable.

If you are a Permaculture Design Student, and you are looking for course slides, courses resources and other features, head to the item called EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR PDC (START HERE).

Hit the expand arrow and you’ll see the item PDC- COURSE RESOURCES & FEATURES ACCESS.  Click there.

Now you’ll see the a table outlining all the features and resources included in each of our Foundational and Premium packages.  Links and/or instructions for delivery are included for every item.

For instance, the access link for the Digital Resource Library, which includes a digital copy of the slides, handouts and 30+ additional resources, is shown below:

Can I upgrade at a later time? When is the last date I can upgrade my package?

If you register for our Foundational PDC package or our online course, you can still upgrade at a later time. However, if you have registered from an in-person course we do ask that you complete the upgrade within ten days of completing your in-person permaculture design course.

How long will I keep access to online materials included with the PDC packages?

All online materials (i.e. videos, recordings and associated resources) are available indefinitely (our lifetime or yours) with the exception of the contour map. PDC Premium students will have access to the contour map for one year.

Can You Accept Payment Plans for Your Permaculture Design Courses?

Yes, we have payments plans for our Permaculture Design Courses.

The payment plans is set up as an automatic charge against your credit card (usually 3 – 6 equal payments) spread out over one month intervals. There is an administrative surcharge of $100 for all payment plans.

What are the price options or packages for your PDC courses? What’s included in each?

When you register for an in-person PDC, you can choose from one of two packages: Foundational or Premium. Regardless of the package, everyone is registered for the same PDC class and receives the standard features included with the Foundational course, but with the Premium option you get over $3,000 in additional resources and courses to help launch your personal permaculture projects or career. When you register for the online PDC your course includes all the features and benefits of the Foundational package.

Note that the Premium option includes a copy of the textbook, Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual. Students in the Foundational package can purchase a copy direct from us or procure their own copy from another source.

What’s Included?

Whether you’re looking to practice permaculture in your own backyard, or whether you’re envisioning a regional consultancy, this program is set up to suit your vision. With two levels of engagement, we can prepare you for the simplest makeover of your backyard or community commons, all the way up to your most ambitious business plan. See the tables below for what is included in each of our packages.

STANDARD FEATURES (Value of $1,844) 


Permaculture Design Certificate Course

72 hours in class instruction

Permaculture Primer Interactive: Online Course

3.5 hour online video course + 40 page note pack. More info

Note Package

Our own 100 page notepack supplement. More info

Digital Resource Library

Digital copy of all slides, handouts and 30+ additional resources

25% Off Verge Merchandise

Browse our merchandise catalogue here.



Online PDC Premium Access

Join live or unlimited access to the course recordings. More info. 

Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual, Bill Mollison

The definitive permaculture textbook (600 pages). More info. 

 Not included.

Available for purchase here

 Not included.

Available for purchase here

Introduction to Permaculture, Bill Mollison

160 page soft cover book. More info.

Essential Rainwater Harvesting Softcover Book

Comprehensive manual for designing, building, and maintaining water harvesting systems. More info.

Essential Rainwater Harvesting Spreadsheet Tool

Pre-built spreadsheet tool for performing rainwater system feasibility analyses. More info.

Essential Rainwater Harvesting Online Course (Beta Recordings)

Almost 100 lessons, split in six structured modules. More info.

Resilient Homes & Homesteads

15 part presentation, with over 1.5 hours of content. More info.

Contour Map Generator One Year Subscription

Generate and download unlimited contour map files for one year. More info.

Urban Farm Bike Trailer Plans, Verge & Green City Acres

Plans, a parts list and photos. More info. 

Water Harvesting 101 with Brad Lancaster & Craig Sponholtz

Exclusive interview with water harvesting experts. More info. 

Beyond Gaia’s Garden with Toby Hemenway

Exclusive interview with Toby Hemenway. More info

Establishing a Food Forest with Geoff Lawton

Exclusive video presentation. More info

Growing Good Business Series

Over 2.5 hours of interviews with successful permaculture entrepreneurs. More info.

Advanced Passive Solar Greenhouse Design Online Course

10 module self-study course. More info.

Passive Solar Greenhouse Case Study Package

Design tool and 12 step-by-step videos. More info.

Unlimited Refresher Course

Come back anytime to retake the in-person course for FREE.

If you are looking for our Professional Development Package please note that it is no longer available. If you are interested in advanced permaculture design training, we highly recommend that you combine our Premium Permaculture Design Course with our Adaptive Habitat Land Design Program.

What can I do with a PDC? How will this training help me?

Many of our students develop businesses or projects leveraging their permaculture training. We think the best way to get an idea of the wide range of possibilities is to peruse the 50+ alumni interviews, profiles and blogs, found here.

I would like to take your Permaculture Design Course, but plan on working in the Tropics. Is your course climate-specific to Canada?

Our Permaculture Design Course follows Bill Mollison’s textbook, Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual, and a copy of this textbook is included in the Premium package tuition.

It is true that a lot of Bill’s examples in his textbook are from the tropics and sub tropic climatic zones, as he is from Australia.

What differentiates us is our emphasis on the process of design. We feel strongly that the process is what drives good design. Process is climate indifferent. 

The specific techniques that you might employ in the tropics may differ from the techniques used in a cold climate. In addition the specific plants you may use would also be different. But the fundamental principles and processes are the same.

Lastly, our course has a slight focus on temperate climate given that is the climate here in Canada and the climate that a majority of our students are working in. However, we have students who have taken our Permaculture Design Course and are working in climates around the world.

Do you have an Online PDC?

In April 2020 we will launch our first online PDC. After the live program has ended you can purchase the recorded version. Get more info…

I’m coming from out-of-town to take your in-person PDC. Do you have recommendations for me to keep my costs down?

Many of our students travel some distance to attend our courses. Although travel, food and accommodation expenses are not covered in our course tuition, we do a few things to help you keep your expenses down.

Once registered, you will receive access to the PDC Student Forum. On the forum page you can connect with classmates to coordinate carpooling and shared accommodation rental. We also provide access to a local billet list that we maintain. This list contains contact information for alumni and friends who are keen to host our permaculture design students. Each billet sets their own terms (there may be a small financial or volunteer commitment), and some are quite happy to let you couch surf or camp at no cost. Note that there are a limited number of billets, and the sooner you register in the course and arrange your accommodation, the better your chances of getting the best option for you!

Also, many students have also successfully connected with the local permaculture community, and found a billet, through the Verge Permaculture Students and Friends Facebook Group.

Lastly, once registered, we also provide detailed suggestions for camping, hostels, budget hotels and more.

I’m coming from out of town to take your in-person PDC. Do you have suggestions for accommodations and transportation?

Once registered we will provide you with some information on how to get to the course location, as well as some recommendations for camping and accomodation. We also provide a forum for registered students to connect and coordinate shared accommodation and carpooling between themselves, as well we maintain a small billet list that we share with you.

Many past students have also successfully connected with the local permaculture community through the Verge Permaculture Students and Friends Facebook Group.

Here’s a quick overview of how registered students can find this information:

$699 + tax, if applicable
(or 3 payments of $267 + tax)


Start typing and press Enter to search