Kym Chi shows with creativity and authenticity, that permaculture is a form of art, as well as a tool for increasing personal empowerment and community resiliency. Her sense of joy and infectious positivity leaves everyone who meets her feeling more inspired; and it shows – her efforts in both the local and global community have made an incredibly positive impact.

Kym’s involvement as the permaculture designer, garden curator, and farmers market coordinator at The AREA (Arts, Recreation, Education, Environment, Agriculture) was one stunning example of this. In one year’s time Kym led the charge in facilitating thousands of volunteer hours on the transformation of the old brown field site into a thriving permaculture garden and community space that became a major hub for the Calgary community until being shut down by the City in 2013. She was also the driving force behind creating the local-focused Inglewood and Ramsay Farmers Market.  Kym moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2014 where she became the Executive Director of One Straw Society Food Security organization.

Kym has a thirst for learning and continues to take courses.  Currently, she has received 3 certificates in Permaculture Design (her first with Verge Permaculture), completed multiple teacher trainings from elder Permaculture educators, taken a variety of advanced trainings, completed a Diploma in Permaculture Education and has over 2000 hours facilitation experience.  She is also a chartered Herbalist and has completed advanced herbal studies with Susun Weed, Dina Falconi, Barbara Cotgrave and Robert A. Bartlett.

Since taking the Verge program in 2011,  Kym Chi has matured into a teacher, mentor, medicine woman and visionary artist.  Through a deepened connection with nature, Kym wishes to inspire connection with the environment, oneself and the greater community to invoke creative self expression and value centred living, enriching and creating healthy, abundant habitats and communities.

Kym works with empowerment models, enjoys encouraging others on their life path and focuses on ways to support organizations and communities to become more resilient.  Her success is measured on the successes of her students, allies and friends.

She currently homesteads, teaches Permaculture, creates dynamic teaching tools, runs a holistic healing practice and mentors others.

Check out her upcoming online courses: Permaculture Design Certification ( and Herbal Preparations and Plant Allies (

Instagram : @interconnectedliving & @giggling-chi-tree

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