Jeff and Juli Gilles are demonstrating a wide array of permaculture homesteading techniques on their 5 acre parcel near Rocky Mountain House, AB. In just a couple years they have managed to transform thousands of square feet of land into productive gardens ranging from food forests to up-cycled raised beds, and have used their technological know-how and a “get-er-done” approach to test everything from solar electric, heating, and cooking to rainwater harvesting, energy efficient retrofits, food storage, and large scale soil production through their business Taimi Soil Projects and their newest venture, Rancho Relaxo.

Taimi Soil Projects works with Albertans who want to be more health conscious and self-sufficient. From home-scale food production to renewable energy systems, they have a variety of ideas to help their clients get started on your their projects, or they can provide turn-key permaculture farms, complete with organic food, renewable energy, food storage, and a beautiful energy-efficient home.

Rancho Relaxo Resort is one of Alberta’s first eco-tourism destination resorts and features renewable energy systems, organic food production, water harvesting, food storage, off-grid log cabins, and a plethora of other ideas that help families move towards self-sufficiency, food security, and healthy communities.  This permaculture demonstration farm offers affordable, comfortable, all-inclusive accommodations with top-quality organic meals.

  • Taking the Verge Permaculture courses helped give me the knowledge, connections, and confidence to make real changes in my life.  I was able to start my own business, change my lifestyle, and meet an amazing group of people that helped me every step of the way.

    Jullilynn Gillies
    Jullilynn Gillies Rancho Relaxo

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