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The Problem is Always the Solution

Download Your Free Permaculture Foundations E-Book

This e-book is an accompaniment to our Permaculture Primer video course which is a 6-hour introduction and prerequisite for our Permaculture Design Certification course.

Our Permaculture Foundations E-Book is going to teach you:

❏ How ecosystems work, where our role exists within them.

❏ How to design systems that rebuild, regenerate.

❏ Sustain ecologies, which then sustain us while creating space for all other beings, organisms, and life systems.

Permaculture Foundations Ebook cover

Hit the ground running, priming your approach to problem solving within the permaculture philosophy.

Our focus is on three main areas:
  • Techniques and strategies to create regenerative landscapes
  • A framework for design applicable anywhere on the planet
  • Tools to start or transition to green business and career strategies
seedlings growing strong in the garden while a hand skims through the growth

Verge’s Permaculture Foundations E-Book is the ideal
resource in your permaculture design journey.

Spend a few hours learning the basics of Permaculture. The objectives we aim to deliver are three-fold:

flowers on a dark blue background

Objective #1

Introduce an alternative perspective of agriculture.

dandelion flower going to seed in front of a sunrise

Objective #2

Differentiate between symptoms and causes of the problems we face today.

Sunflower with a ladybug

Objective #3

Introduce the fundamental perspective of permaculture.

What’s Covered in the E-Book?

What Is Permaculture?

Understand this alternative perspective on agriculture: how it simplifies and solves the problems facing our planet.

The Problem is Always the Solution

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to restate it from a different perspective. For example, ‘you don’t have a pest/bug problem, you have a fowl deficiency’.

Basic Principles of Design

Learn about key factors for creating effective permaculture design systems and how it starts right on the site.

a group of three people harvesting in a community garden

Who benefits from Verge’s
Permaculture Foundations E-Book?

Permaculture has seen tremendous growth in Canada
with some level of permaculture activity in most Canadian provinces.
Many Canadians have received permaculture training overseas and, upon return to their home
communities have attempted to organize permaculture communities and activities.

We take it a step further…

Being at the forefront of a growing movement is exciting!
We want you to have the skills and knowledge to succeed in your permaculture goals.
Your journey can begin with Verge as your North star to guide you into a permaculture
lifestyle, career or educator pathway. The possibilities are endless and our community is vast.

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