Ashley Lubyk and Heather Noakes show that creating beautiful and sustainable human habitat is possible through the passionate work of their natural building education and consulting company, Dirt Craft Natural Building.

After attending university and pursuing work in the environmental sector and fine arts, these two decided to start a business of their own by following their budding passion for natural building, and after their first workshop on “How to Build a Cob Oven” the path forward with their new venture became clear. Just a couple years later Ashley and Heather have now lead over 25 hands on workshops on how to build cob ovens across Western Canada, as well as branched out to offer workshops on installing earthen floors, clay plasters and clay paints, cooking in cob ovens, straw-bale building and more. They also offer hands on consulting on a wide variety of natural building methods and techniques meant to help DIY builders take their existing knowledge and turn it into hands on skills and application know-how.


Ashley and Heather have become well known and respected for their passion of delivering high quality, well researched education, and when you take one of their workshops you can feel the true dedication they have put towards giving people the empowerment, tools, and skills they need to create healthier, more energy efficient, and more comfortable homes, all while offering detailed instructions on how to build it, and then showing you step by step how to do it.

Watch as these two take clay, sand, and straw, and turn them into some of the key ingredients for creating sustainable human habitat, and see how sustainability, practicality, and aesthetic design can be combined to create functional works of art that will have positive effects on the homeowner and community for decades!

  • This design course really helped to us draw connections to integrate shelter more closely with the landscape.

    Ashley Lubyk & Heather Noakes
    Ashley Lubyk & Heather Noakes Dirt Craft Natural Building

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