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It’s a few months late in coming, but we’re delighted to announce that Verge Permaculture was selected for the 24th Annual Emerald Foundation Award for demonstrating “a significant ongoing commitment to the environment and social responsibility.”

“The Emerald Foundation Awards recognize and reward the excellent environmental initiatives undertaken each year by large and small corporations, individuals, not-for-profit associations, community groups and governments.”

The Alberta Emerald Foundation website

Bonus! A video was shot to showcase our work:

It was an honour to be in the company of the two other finalists in the Small Business category, Circle T Consulting and DIG (Do It Green), along with all the other groups and individuals that are doing good and needed work to affect change across the province. Lastly, we would also like to thank members of the permaculture community for nominating us for this honour – your letters of support are some of the nicest things anyone has ever written about us.

“… As one goes through our cities and comes across amazing sustainable, perennial, low-impact gardens, net-zero homes or community environmental projects, there’s a good chance that those projects have been directly or indirectly touched by the efforts of Rob and Michelle…”  

– Noah Purves-Smith, Alces Landscapes & Land-use Ltd. 

“…Rob and Michelle’s ability to engage in interdisciplinary work stems from their passionate curiosity, diverse training and varied life experiences that have lead them to truly ‘walk the walk’ of environmental leadership in their business practices, community involvement and personal lives. They lead a life devoted to using permaculture principles and practices as a vehicle for community building, community economic development, and, ultimately, cultural transformation. It is with great enthusiasm that I would like to recommend Rob and Michelle Avis for an Alberta Emerald Award…”  

– Alla Guelber, Director, The Meaningful Work Project

“Every so often someone comes along who seems to change the game.  In this case, Alberta’s good fortune is doubly so, as it is a dynamic husband and wife who have changed people’s lives in service of environmental stewardship.  As engineers-turned-sustainability designers, Rob and Michelle Avis have brought back Permaculture from a global learning expedition and innovated—adapted tools to Alberta conditions—sustaining not only their own small business but so much more…”  

–  Adam Gagnon

 Noah, Alla, and Adam – We hope you don’t mind us sharing excerpts from your wonderful letters, and thank you!

See the Full List of Award Finalists and Winners

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  • Jeremy

    Congratulations Avis family on the Emerald recognition -work long appreciated among your peers. Your tireless voice that Calgarian’s CAN live well in reliance creativity in local community sufficiency and in returning their surplus without pillaging our planet. Stay accessible and don’t stop. The accolades are well deserved.
    PS. someday I may ACTUALLY finish that ’10 PDC course…;-)


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