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For years we struggled to find an exterior specialist in Southern Alberta, until one of my students recommended Adrian and John from Martineau Roofing. Rob jumped at the chance to interview them. John has over four decades of experience in the residential contracting industry and has seen it all. We call John when we have challenging building science and exterior questions that are hard to solve.

 In this interview, Rob talks to Adrian and John about rainwater harvesting and the opportunities and liabilities they’ve seen due to design flaws or installation errors.

An Interview with John and Adrian from Martineaux Roofing

 Why should you be interested in rainwater harvesting? Canada and the US are in the midst of building the first ever CSA/NSF code for rainwater harvesting, which will allow households to integrate rainwater collection systems with all domestic water uses. That means rainwater harvesting will be one of the largest growth industries in the coming decades as we see massive changes in rainfall patterns, coupled with glacial melt and groundwater and aquifer depletion (e.g., the Ogallala aquifer in southeastern US).

Interested in learning more? Check out our course offerings, Essential Rainwater Harvesting book, plus loads of free resources HERE.

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  • Joanne Blythe

    Looking forward to seeing that video.

  • Joanne Blythe

    Hi Rob, A very interesting interview. One question – you say when you do a design you ask people whether or not they have a sump pump and that completely changes how you are going to manage water around their house. Can you elaborate on that? If they have a sump pump how does that change how you manage water as compared to someone who does not have one?

    • Rob Avis

      Thanks for the comment Joanne, this is a great question for a future video.


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