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Rob Avis of Verge Permaculture joins Scott Mann of The Permaculture Podcast, to talk about rainwater harvesting, with insights from Rob and Michelle’s book, Essential Rainwater Harvesting (New Society Publishers).

In this podcast Rob shares about his and Michelle’s early careers as petroleum engineers designing pipelines in the oil fields, and how, when they discovered a different worldview through Geoff Lawton and his Greening the Desert project, they left their jobs to travel and study regenerative agriculture globally.

Rob goes on to share about their permaculture farm in Alberta, Canada, where they leverage their engineering experience as permaculture consultants and educators focusing on water harvesting and passive-solar greenhouses. In Verge’s Essential Rainwater Harvesting course, Michelle partners with international expert Peter Coombes, Ph.D., in teaching the principles, processes and calculations needed to design and build a rainwater harvesting system for drinking, cooking, washing, and irrigation needs.


Interested in learning more about rainwater harvesting? Essential Rainwater Harvesting is a comprehensive manual for designing, building, and maintaining water harvesting systems for warm and cold climates. Learn more about our courses, Essential Rainwater Harvesting book and access free resources HERE

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