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Dear Friends,

We are very excited to give you an update on the fundraising efforts that our team here at Verge has been involved with over the last few weeks.

The Hope, Knowledge & A Plan Summit was hosted on October 15 - 17, 2021.

Shorly after the Taliban take-over of Afghanistan hit the world news, in the late summer of 2021, two well-known permaculture teachers and activists, Starhawk & Rowe Morrow, reached out to us to see if Verge might be able to help in any way possible with some initiatives they were involved in. After a little brainstorming, our team unanimously decided that we want to use the upcoming “Hope, Knowledge and A Plan” Global Online Permaculture Summit to help get the word out about the efforts and see if we could mobilize some fundraising.

In addition to pledging 10% of proceeds from the sales of our Summit Bundle, we also encouraged you, our alumni / friends and viewers to consider donating as well. Our good friends and summit sponsor, New Society Publishers, also stepped up with a contribution.

With that, we are incredibly exctied to let you all know the results of these efforts. Between your donations, Verge’s contribution and New Society’s donation we have raised over $8,000 CAD. Woot! Woot!

$ 0 +
Funds raised during the summit

We humbly thank each and every one of you who watched the summit, purchased a bundle, spread the word about the fundraiser, and /or reached into your pocket book and donated. We are incredibly proud to be part of this community of caring, conscientious people whose actions speak louder than words.

A message from best-selling permaculture author and peace activist, Rosemary Morrow…

If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to contribute. You can do so here…. (Canadians – please look for the link for the Canadian Charity if you would like a tax receipt).

A message from author, activist, and permaculture teacher Starhawk…

For ten years, they’ve been planting trees, starting gardens, learning permaculture and working to heal the land and the communities in their Afghan villages and towns ravaged by many years of war. They’ve worked for human rights and stood up for women’s rights. Although most have known only war and violence their entire lives, they are deeply committed to nonviolence.

Now the U.S. has pulled out, the Taliban has taken over, and they are targeted. To name their groups or show their pictures would endanger them further as they flee for their lives. Some of them have made it across a border, others are still trapped in Afghanistan but we are hopeful they will find a way out. All of them are leaving behind their homes, their possessions, and the lives they have built.

Our friends need our help. The international permaculture community is mobilizing to find sponsors and communities that can welcome them and help them navigate the difficult immigration hurdles. We need funds that we can draw on swiftly when a chance opens—to provide flights, shelter, food, medical care and clothing, to help sponsors qualify, and for many more needs.

Can you donate to help these families who have lost so much? Any amount that you can spare will help these families begin a new life—and may save a life!

With huge gratitude for your support,


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