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Everyone knows that you can’t finish a permaculture design course without a wrap-up party and talent show! Our first Design Course in Calgary was no exception to this rule – and our students certainly had many hidden talents and great entertainment ability. Here are some photos and stories from the event…

Starting with the Potluck – food, food and more delicious food!

Sam performs a hypnosis demonstration and played with our senses of taste and touch.

Rob and Michelle sang the Compost Song!

Sheena, Jason, Julia and Rob M. (team Awesome) performed a hybridized Christmas poem… and Rob M. narrated a Christmas tale with the help of a few volunteer actors.
Heather told the story and showed photos from her trip to the World Beard and Moustache Championship in Anchorage Alaska… and her winning crocheted beard entry. Absolutely hilarious!
Martin wrote and performed “The Very Model of a Modern Permaculturist”. His song will surely help us all to remember the Latin name for buckthorn – hippophae rhamnoides … or not! Make sure you check out the full lyrics of his masterpiece below!
Jan performed her version of “Skip to my Lou”, Katie shared with us her secret obsession with mustard, Josh wrote a poem and Andreas gave Salsa lessons!!

A little comedy from John:

Q. Why did the permaculturist take his compost pile to the jazzercise class?
A. Because he wanted it to stay aerobic!

Q. Why was the permie’s tractor scared all the time?
A. Because it was a chicken tractor!

Q. Why did the rain barrel always have a long face?
A. Because he always hung out with the down spout!

Q. What did the permaculturist say when water stopped flowing through his property?
A. Dam!

It wouldn’t be a party without a little martial arts… Doug demonstrated some jujitsu on Rob. 

And Bill also delivered a roast!

Jessica and John demonstrated some acrobatics and couples yoga, combining some incredible flexibility and strength. Almost as good as Cirque du Soleil!
Teresa showed us techniques for harvesting and saving quinoa seed (grown in her home garden), Cathy read us a story and Adrian took out his fiddle and got everyone up and dancing!



The Very Model of a Modern Permaculturist

I was not the very model of a modern Major-General,
No information vegetable, animal, or mineral.
I learned about some simple things,
But wanted something harderer
I’ll be the very model of a modern master gardener.

I learned the basic botany of stigmas, styles and ovaries,
I delved the deeper mysteries of fungi, flora, fruit and trees
A hundred types of plant disease,
A hundred types of beans and peas,
The Latin name for buckthorn which is hippophae rhamnoides.

I graduated nicely, my accomplishments made quite a list
But even so, you have to know, that I felt there was something missed.
I pondered that and pondered this,
Aha, I said, I can’t resist,
I’ll be the very model of a modern permaculturist.

So thank you Rob, and you Michelle, you did your job and did it well
We’re not the people that we were, we’re much empowered that’s for sure.
Permaculture’s common sense,
Let’s get our arses off the fence,
With glowing hearts and voice intense, let’s go and make a difference!

What a fun evening! Thanks again everyone for a great course.

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