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  • The Google Earth Pro & Contour Map Generator Course
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What Exactly is in This Bundle?

You don’t often see (in fact we’ve never seen!) a gathering of permaculture thought leaders like we brought together in our Book Launch + Summit… so we owed it to posterity to record every interview, case study, and insight. Take that set of 20 60-minute recordings and add to it a copy of the book, plus the Tookit, plus the Google Earth Pro & Contour Map Generator Course, plus the Masterclass we recorded with over one hundred students in the fall of 2022 and you have The Building Your Permaculture Property Bundle – a comprehensive set of self-study tools to put your well on your independent way to building your permaculture property!

Discover the permaculture book that reveals our tried-and-true 5-step strategic design/development process: one that takes all of the elements into account, and makes sense...wherever you are! Whether you prefer the autographed physical book, the e-book or the audiobook, no need to wait for the mainstream booksellers - we have them right here, right now, at introductory sale prices. Value of $49.
Hear more than 15 leading permaculture authors and educators share their start-up struggles, successes, failures, and case studies from the first-time-ever, free, 3-day Building Your Permaculture Property Global Summit. Unlimited access to the summit recordings are available as part of our Building Your Permaculture Property Bundle. Value of $250.
Who wants to spend time setting up your own tools and worksheets from the BYPP book when you could be crafting your action plan? Instead, just fill out the ready-made digital tools we use every day: from the 155-page printable 2021 planner with worksheet templates for your property, your gardens, and your life, plus Resource Inventory, SWOT Diagnosis, Vision and Values, and almost a dozen more! Value of $39.
Whether you’re new to contour mapping and Google Earth Pro, or whether you’re looking to leverage every feature and overlay of the Contour Map Generator Comprehensive Bundle, this mini-course will answer your questions! Value of $39.
In this on-demand video course, with over twelve hours of lectures and Q&A with the authors, recorded in Novermber and December 2022, Rob and Alain walk the students through the content and chapters of their book, Building Your Permaculture Property. Value of $249.
  • Exactly what is needed in the regenerative agriculture, homesteading and permaculture community right now.

    CURTIS STONE Author, The Urban Farmer
  • Slices through the Gordian Knot that stops most people from realizing their home and nature visions through this powerful design system.

    PETER BANE Author, The Permaculture Handbook
  • Will help you clarify your own approach to success, and help you navigate complexity with confidence.

    RICHARD PERKINS Author, Regenerative Agriculture
  • A valuable tool for individuals in their permaculture journeys.

    DAVID HOLMGREN Permaculture co-originator

Building Your Permaculture Property distills the authors’ decades of experience and insights gained as engineers, farmers, educators, and consultants into practices, templates, productivity and workflow tools to help you:

  • Clarify your vision, values and resources
  • Diagnose your resources for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Design your resources to meet your vision and values
  • Implement the right design that will most improve your weakest resource
  • Monitor your resources for indicators of well-being or suffering

This book is the essential guide for all land stewards looking to cut through the noise and establish an ecologically regenerative, financially sustainable, enjoyable, and thriving permaculture property, anywhere in the world. It will be available for pre-sale soon.

Meet The Authors

Rob Avis, PEng, co-owns Adaptive Habitat, a leading-edge property design firm, and Verge Permaculture, a globally-recognized, award-winning education business. He is co-author of Essential Rainwater Harvesting and lives in Alberta, Canada.

Takota Coen is a permaculture educator, Red Seal Carpenter, second-generation organic farmer, and co-owner and operator of Coen Farm, an award-winning 250-acre permaculture farm that produces nutrient-dense raw-milk-fed pork, grass-fed beef, pastured eggs, forest garden berries, and herbal teas. He lives near Edmonton, Alberta.

Michelle Avis, PEng, co-owns Adaptive Habitat, a leading-edge property design firm, and Verge Permaculture, a globally-recognized, award-winning education business. She is co-author of Essential Rainwater Harvesting and lives in Alberta, Canada.

230 Full Color Pages

With illustrations from award winning illustrator, Jarrett Sitter…

Also Available in Audiobook

Read by Nate Drury and Sayer Roberts. Listen to a snippet below!


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  • Rob, Michelle and Takota's combined work brings a fresh, integrative and holistic perspective on how to orientate oneself to the process of establishing your dreams and visions on the land. Designing and managing a farm that can build soil, create amazing food products and sustain the farmer financially is possible anywhere; and yet it is the clarity of our context and decision-making and our attitudinal responses to design and management that largely underlie success. If you are dreaming of starting out on the land, this book will be a useful companion that will help you clarify your own approach to success, and help you navigate complexity with confidence.

    Richard Perkins
    Richard Perkins Author of Regenerative Agriculture. Owner of Ridgedale Farm AB and Making Small Farms Work AB
  • I couldn’t be more pleased to count the authors of Building Your Permaculture Property as past students, friends and colleagues, and I’m very excited about this significant and unique contribution to the existing rich collection of literature on the subject of permaculture design. I’m confident that it will become a go-to resource for a significant number of permaculture designers and consultants.

    Geoff Lawton
    Geoff Lawton Permaculture consultant, designer and teacher
  • Building Your Permaculture Property is exactly what is needed in the regenerative agriculture, homesteading and permaculture community right now. It is loaded with practical, non-ideological and actionable material on how to approach building your permaculture homestead. The information here is completely guided by experience and facts, unlike a lot of content out there these days that is rooted in hopes and dreams and built on a lack of practical application. This book will certainly be my manual as I develop my off-grid permaculture homestead.

    Curtis Stone aka The Urban Farmer
  • A self-help book to take the reader from thinking into action, BYPP offers an excellent addition to permaculture theory, and provides a key resource for all designers. By confronting and working through real, thorny, and often invisible human and landscape problems—a terrain in which they have earned their share of cuts and bruises—the authors slice through the Gordian Knot that stops most people from realizing their home and nature visions through this powerful design system. Offering a window on digital design tools, clever illustrations, and ample examples from the demanding world of cold prairie farming, the Avises and co-author Coen have created a well-marked pathway for the advanced learner to reach professional outcomes.

    Peter Bane
    Peter Bane Author of A Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country
  • As a well-being economist I would encourage government policy makers, First Nations, businesses and farmers, to contemplate the pragmatic processes and guidelines offered in this wonderful book, Building Your Permaculture Property. What would a permacultural approach look like adopted to the complex challenges of our economy? A permaculturist approach to the economy might consider maximizing well-being and minimizing suffering as the ultimate goal of a better life for all. This book provides a practical choreography of how to optimize the well-being of our front yard gardens, our farm land and across this vast expanse of Canada, which in the Cree language (Kanata) means 'clean or sacred place.' Takota, Rob and Michelle remind us there is wisdom in the indigenous stories and knowledge of good and right relationships with the land.

    Mark Anielski
    Mark Anielski Economist and author of The Economics of Happiness and An Economy of Well-being
  • As well as being a valuable tool for individuals in their permaculture journeys, Building Your Permaculture Property represents another step towards permaculture being recognised beyond its widespread misconception of being simply a fashionable form of organic gardening. It highlights the need for permaculture design thinking in creating resilient, regenerative landscapes and communities. Through this work, Rob, Michelle and Takota make a valuable contribution to the ongoing evolution of permaculture thinking and action.

    David Holmgren
    David Holmgren Permaculture co-originator
  • Those just embarking on a project, and those in the thick of creation, will find value from Building Your Permaculture Property’s systems approach to regen-erative design. Anchored in permaculture’s basic tenets — earth care, people care, and future care — the book’s five-step process is organized with templates to collect and manage information, helping the reader to identify design ideas that consider her values, resources, and personal vision. These mental tasks are enhanced by playful illustrations by Jarett Sitter and lessons learned on the ground from the Coen family farm. Highly recommended!

    Catherine Wanek
    Catherine Wanek Co-founder, Builders Without Borders, author, The New Strawbale Home
  • A life well-lived includes leaving the land better than we found it. This five-step design manual jumpstarts that journey to a foregone conclusion, laying out a thoughtful process for making permaculture principles your own. Every farm, every ranch, and every homestead benefit from thinking deeper about how human intent engages with the places we’re blessed to call home. Restoring integrity to degraded ground is our primal mission now as a species. Restoring diversity means planting many more trees. Restoring ecological posterity begins with listening to the heart of the mother. . . and then reading this book.

    Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips Holistic Orchard Network, author, The Holistic Orchard
  • This book is doing a world of good by reorienting readers to the holistic nature of permaculture. More than just a gardening method, permaculture is rooted in systematic observation, design, practice, and feedback for re-design to create regenerative, biodiverse, and profitable landscapes. I enjoyed reading this book!

    Zach Loek
    Zach Loek Author, The Edible Ecosystem Solution and The Permaculture Market Garden
  • The sacred inheritance of our earth is bound with a duty of care for each generation to own. To have the privilege of being guided by Michelle, Rob and Takota into a greater understanding and implementation of permaculture on our farm has been a gift we hope will continue to give future generations. Their experience, insight and methodology found in this book can only stand to serve the greater community as we all reach for a deeper understanding and appreciation of this inheritance we have been given.

    Loreena McKennitt
    Loreena McKennitt Artist, land steward, founder of Wise Communities Stratford-Perth, Order of Canada
  • Exuding a clarity, depth, and useability that can only come from hard-won experience, this book makes a powerful and timely contribution to the literature of permaculture design. It lifts the bar a good many notches, and will unquestionably bring great value to many thousands of folk developing their own places in permaculture-inspired directions, to existing permaculture teachers and designers, and indeed to permaculture's very evolution as a design system.

    Dan Palmer
    Dan Palmer Making Permaculture Stronger
  • I really enjoyed going through Building Your Permaculture Property. I found it insightful, well organized, with valuable diagrams and pictures. I especially found myself skipping through to read all of "Takota's Story". Takota's nuggets of wisdom based on his experiences really brought the content to life and I learned a lot from the book and will continue to use it as a resource.

    Andrew Millison
    Andrew Millison Department of Horticulture, Oregon State University

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