Meet Tiffany Keiller

  • Owner, Greenwood Acres Farm

  • Expertise: Interior Design Technology

Tiffany's Story

Originally trained as an Interior Design Technologist, Tiffany has spent the last decade or so focused on raising her children and working to gain the skills necessary to start her own homestead.

Tiffany found Verge through a referral from a friend and has since benefited immensely from both the Passive Solar Greenhouse Design Course as well as the 2020 Online PDC. With her design background the workflow, aesthetic, and process of creating a good design came intuitively to her. And with the skills she gained in the OPDC, she was able to finalize and perfect a design for a property that her and her husband purchased in January 2019.

While the land was in decent shape, the PDC gave her the confidence and know-how she was looking for to fulfill her intention of reclaiming and restoring the land in a way that fit her own vision and values.

About Greenwood Acres Farm

Tiffany used her final design project during the OPDC as an opportunity to design her homestead in Central Alberta. While her design has changed slightly since the submission you’ll see below, it was through taking the OPDC that she gained the clarity and confidence she needed to take on the project.

Tiffany's PDC Experience

Curious what Tiffany thought about the Online PDC? Enjoy this interview where Tiffany share her thoughts, opinions, and experiences after having done the 2020 Summer course.

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