Meet Kristin Allan

Co-Founder, One World Wellness

Expertise: Yoga instruction, plant medicine ceremony facilitation, wellness retreat facilitation and management, plant-based nourishment support, conscious communication workshops

Services: Holistic health and wellness support through retreats and workshops


Kristin's Story

Reiki master, certified yoga teacher through the Himalayan Institute, and permaculture student for life, Kristin found her calling by blending permaculture with her 15-year practice of yoga philosophy, careers in photography and marketing, and a passion for deep human connections. She could still recall her initial meeting with Rob and Michelle more than a decade ago:

I am forever grateful to Rob and Michelle for being the trailblazers in the mid-2000’s, to say no thank you to the ‘normal way of life’ and for digging deep to find a greater meaning to this human experience. I will always remember the moment that Rob called us from Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead, and in his exuberant tone, I could tell that he was a brand new man with a fresh view of what was possible for humanity.”

Permaculture taught Kristin new systems of thinking and fresh perspectives on the web of life. She realized that it’s not merely for growing mean veggie gardens or building beastly compost heaps (although she just recently agreed to help construct a humanure outhouse in Mexico!) but also to serve humanity in a more direct fashion. Through personal trials and tribulations, Kristin came to understand that it is up to each one of us to choose to change – and that’s where One World Wellness comes into action.

Kristin with her partner Tanner.

About One World Wellness

In 2013 while living in northern Alberta, Kristin began a blog called Along the Heart Trail. It was a soul-nourishing outlet for both the inspirations and concerns she came across. Over the years, her posts have delved into topics ranging from sustainability, global adventures, spiritual reflections, healing techniques, to the sharing of personal truths. After receiving invitations to speak publicly and host workshops, Kristin and her partner Tanner realized that the world needed more people committed to support humanity on its collective path of healing and positive change. Since then, the name of the blog has been changed to match the business that germinated from it – One World Wellness: Two People. One Love. Infinite Possibilities.

Traveling from Vancouver Island to Guatemala in 2015, Kristin and Tanner discovered a passion for plant medicine ceremonies and began facilitating them in Canada. Their speciality is the use of cacao that is grown with humans and the planet in mind. Building upon these ceremonies, they also acquired their yoga teaching certificates in order to offer guidance for healing of body, mind, and spirit to hundreds of guests and clients.

One World Wellness provides a range of supportive services that encourage people to embark and stay on their personal journeys of healing and growth. Whether that challenge is physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, Kristin believes that they work together in the creation of a vibrant human being. Because many of these areas are not easily discernible, Kristin’s work is rooted in trust, intuition, and guidance through her internal compass. She recognizes that humans are the most complex part of this massive equation we call life. When people show up and are ready for change, One World Wellness is there to ensure that they are able to offer their gifts to humanity and to the generations to come.

One World Wellness’ Mission: To inspire thousands of people each year and support them in rediscovering their gifts through a foundation focused on helping them find inner peace. Kristin and Tanner are dedicated to continue their own personal growth and learning so that they can offer clients an expanding range of tools. They vow to teach only what they have tried and proven to work. They constantly partner with other professionals who show the same commitment towards perennial personal growth.


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One World Wellness will be hosting 13 weeks of retreats in Mexico through 2018, focusing on self-awareness, deep healing work, plant medicine ceremonies, spirituality, yoga, plant-based nourishment, conscious connections, and resetting the self to a place of inner peace and inspiration.

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