Meet Christina Goodvin

  • Founder, Goodvin Designs

  • Expertise: Sustainable building design (cob, straw bale, hempcrete) as integrated with solar (passive, thermal, mass); policy and proposal technical writing; research and concept development.

  • Services: Concept Design and Performance Analysis, Professional Technical Writing, Energy – Living – Growing Systems Integration

Christina's Background

Christina holds degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Victoria. She worked for a while in implantable electronics, but then decided to seek a better way to apply her skills. After transitioning to work on solar thermal systems, she found her calling in sustainable buildings. Christina specialized in grant-funded research and writing, helping pen notable works on the performance of cob wall systems, and lead-authoring the first guide on how to design and build straw bale wall systems within BC’s building code.

After moving to Alberta and taking her Verge PDC, Christina purchased 40 acres and began the process of adjusting to country life. Noting the regional climatic conditions, she became a licensed industrial hemp grower in order to explore the many application of this versatile plant. Christina was especially interested in hempcrete as a construction material, and currently has hempcrete or hemp fibre designs in the works for 4-season greenhouses, tiny homes, and monolithic domes.


About Goodvin Designs

Christina was selected as a finalist in the Permaculture Institute of North America’s (PINA) 2019 design contest.

The aim of Goodvin Designs is to provide growing and living options that reduce our dependency on large-scale utility systems without compromising the pursuit of a meaningful and comfortable life. Beginning with simple models designed for the northern Alberta Climate, Goodvin Designs bridges conceptual ideas and real-world technical performance.

Goodvin Designs is located on 40 acres of pasture and parkland/boreal forest. It’s here where everything began, first with a hempcrete greenhouse, soon to be followed by a geodesic dome, a hempcrete 128 square foot studio, and a larger 4-season earth-cooled/heated greenhouse. Each building is a testing ground for new building technologies with real-world results and reporting. Drawings for each design are available for purchase; interested builders can even visit and stay in them to get a feel for performance and comfort.

Goodvin Designs also offers a full build service; as it continues to design, build, and test performances, the company seeks to bridge into policy work, helping enable these innovative building systems gain traction in local counties and municipalities, paving the way for sustainable communities.


Interested in Christina’s work on sustainable buildings?

Phone: 780-920-8992


Email:  cgoodvin(at)


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