Meet Rachel Yadlowski and Carleton Gruger


The Story of Rachel and Carleton

Rachel Yadlowski is a mushroom lover, medicinal herb aficionado, and health geek. She dreams about the natural world and loves to share the abundance of life in a hundred different ways. Rachel’s expertise is rooted in healing those around her and building methodological case studies in conjunction with existing research to gain an understanding of how our bodies interact with the world on a daily basis. In her off time, Rachel keeps bees and grows a diverse herb garden for creative experimentation.

Carleton Gruger grew up at his grandmother’s farmers market picking vegetables and helping customers whom he thought were part of his extended family. As as kid, he learned all about the many uses of wild and cultivated herbs, while as an adult his training as a computer engineer helped him develop an affinity for the patterns inherent in permaculture and in natural systems. Together with his partner Rachel, they have harnessed their common passion to heal families and friends while growing a consulting practice with clients from all around the world.


The Story of Gruger Family Fungi

Gruger Family Fungi caters to an alternative medicine clientele seeking effective and trustworthy non-synthetic treatments. Their line of topical creams fulfill the age-old fables whispered by grandmothers who know the healing powers of beneficial herbs and medicinal mushrooms.

Case Study #1: Turmeric Cream

Casey thought that the family could go for a week in the woods without any bug spray, but upon returning from the trip the itching became unbearable. She came to Rachel and Carleton with a request for turmeric cream, applying it with the simple advice that “a little goes a long way” and to use it hourly for the first day and then 3 times a day until the redness or itchiness dissipates.

Casey felt immediate relief and went home immediately to offer aid for her entire family. “I (now) keep the great travel sized containers everywhere, first aid kit, in the car trunk, camping, bathroom at home, and at my office for scrapes,’ Casey notes, “and now it’s even my husband’s favourite lip chap since he loves the smell and warming action on his lips!”

Case Study #2: Reishi/Cordyceps cream

Laurel, a loving grandmother of 81 living in the country, recently received a serious hip replacement. One day while picking up a log she missed her step and fell. The next day her back was inflamed and getting out of bed became a time-consuming chore, and over the next three months her mobility steadily declined, leaving her bed-bound.

Laurel decided to reach out to Rachel for a possible remedy for her joint and muscle inflammation. Rachel asked her for the full story to ensure that the problem was as clear as possible before making a recommendation for reishi/cordyceps cream and developing an application routine. Within two days Laurel was able to use her walker to move around the house with minimal back pain. “This is truly amazing I never thought a mushroom could work so fast!” Laurel says, “I mean I didn’t even need a single supplement pill; nothing! You know, I love the neutral smell to it doesn’t leave any residues or smells on my clothes either.” 

Carleton and Rachel believe that the first and most important line of defence is ensuring that one’s immunity system is always at peak performance. Their concentrated creams in recyclable packaging ensures that clients always have access to locally grown and naturally sourced alternatives to products found in conventional drugstores. Their vision: For their customers to flourish and benefit from great food, awesome herbal alternatives, and even better business practices that heal the earth for future generations to come.


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