Meet Melissa Valgardson and Frank Crawford

  • P.Eng., Mechanical (Melissa) and Civil (Frank)

  • Expertise: Passive House Consulting, Design, Energy Modelling

The Story of Melissa and Frank

Frank is a civil engineer with over 15 years of experience in commercial construction project management, having worked on a range of LEED gold and platinum projects. Melissa is a mechanical engineer who started out in manufacturing, but has worked as a performance engineer supporting Canada’s largest operating fleet of wind turbines over the past nine years.

Frank and Melissa both took the Passive House Designer course and over the past three years, they have designed and built the first Passive House in Calgary – Now they live in it! Between the two of them, they’ve taken the Verge PDC, two food forest courses, and a rocket stove course. Frank’s passion for building and Melissa’s analytical skills make them a dynamic duo in providing expertise on a host of energy-efficient construction projects.


Calgary's Passive Housing Experts

Frank and Melissa’s consulting practice helps clients create a comfortable and efficient building on a cost-effective budget. They specialize in providing construction design reviews on comfort, air quality, constructibility, cost control, value engineering, location, orientation, energy efficiency, simplicity, durability, aging in place, and resilience.

Their vision: To help raise building standards so housing has a lower impact on the environment that they are part of. Frank and Melissa incorporate passive solar and thermal mass techniques with significant insulation to reduce energy demands, which can then be met by renewable energy options. They strive to achieve comfort improvements through thoughtful designs, such as mechanical ventilation, draft reduction, increased natural light, and controlling summer overheating issues.


Interested in Melissa and Frank's work on Passive Housing?

Email: frank.crawford(at)

Phone: 403-988-1180

Website: Montgomery Passive House Specs

Montgomery Passive House.
Montgomery Passive House with Solar Panels, Installed on Aug 2017.

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