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Jordan's Story

Jordan started in the landscaping industry like most people did, as a summer job. After a few years of post-secondary education, he decided that gardening was the path he wanted to pursue. After spending some time learning from others, he attended Olds College and completed the Landscape Gardener program, becoming a Journeyman and receiving his Red Seal certification.

Jordan is now a Certified Landscape Technician (softscape) through the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association (CNLA), holds professional certification through the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA), and of course is also a PDC Verge grad. He continues to work while taking courses, striving always to broaden his knowledge and become a better gardener for his clients and the environment.


About Gnome of My Own

Jordan started Gnome of My Own four years ago to focus on the gardening aspect of landscaping. Feeling that there is a pervasive attitude around “spraying problems away”, he wanted to provide other alternative solutions that will be more beneficial in the long run that won’t scare off clients.

Gnome of My Own’s mission is to introduce more environmentally viable options to make gardens healthy while ensuring comfortable transitions and results for clientele with various degrees of knowledge. Jordan understands that while some people won’t go the whole nine yards, great progress can still be made if he can persuade them to go a bit further along the path of sustainability.

Gnome of My Own’s biggest and most ambitious projects to date have involved rainwater harvesting; One favourite involves the installation of underground cisterns covered with paving stone to create a patio-type surface while storing roughly 5,000L of rainwater.

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