Meet Ben Redwood

  • Owner/Operator, Organic Landscaping

  • Expertise: Design, construction, consulting, and maintenance

  • Specialization: Edible landscapes, native landscapes, environmentally focused landscapes, hardscaping (patios, walkways, walls), and mini-bobcat services.

Ben's Story

Ben grew up in Calgary and started landscaping as a summer job. He soon found it to be his passion and it eventually became his career. Ben later moved to Victoria, BC, where he opened up his first landscaping business. He began self-educating on horticulture, and his love for gardening and landscaping grew. As an outdoor enthusiast and nature lover, native plantscapes soon became a major focus for Ben.

Interest in organic farming and seeing the benefits of eating healthy food, combined with his landscaping background, helped Ben come across permaculture. He took his PDC in this past spring and is working hard to apply his newly acquired permaculture knowledge to his business, Organic Landscaping.


About Organic Landscaping

After decades working in the landscaping industry, Ben saw the futility of fighting against the patterns of nature. He began Organic Landscaping in 2005 after returning to Calgary, emphasizing landscape maintenance, construction, and design without the use of pesticides or herbicides. At one point, Ben had a crew of three in operation, but he now finds more satisfaction operating as a one man show.

Organic Landscaping is eager to spread food forests and edible landscapes across the city and bring positive change to the community and society at large.

Interested in Ben’s services and expertise?

Phone Number: (403)-710-3624

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Email: baredwood(at)


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