• Farmer & “Farm Mama”, Earth Ram Farm

  • Expertise: Consumable goods retail, permaculture-based farming, pastured poultry production


Trained as an accountant, Angie understands the power of investing in herself. She has always dreamed of making her own living, but recently took the next step by leaving the corporate world to purchase a small family farm north of Strathmore, AB.

Using permaculture principles to work with nature instead of against it, Angie planned to produce a diverse portfolio of foods from nuts and fruits to bees and livestock. Chickens seemed like a natural first choice, providing Angie and her family with eggs and roasting chickens to eat and sell. This past spring, Angie added bees to Earth Ram Farm, expanding the potential avenues of income generation for years to follow.

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About Earth Ram Farm


Named for the Earth Goat from Chinese astrology, Earth Ram Farm sits on five acres of land just north of Strathmore, providing Angie’s chickens with plenty of room to roam and forage inside Joel Saladin-style coops. These coops provide the animals access to all the nutrients they require, all the while protecting them from predators at night. As a result of being out in the sun all day and eating all the grass and bugs they want, these pasture-raised chickens grow into super tasty and nutritious birds.

“There is such a big difference between the chicken you buy in the stores and the one I bought from Earth Ram Farms. That is why we no longer buy chicken from the store. Thank you Angie!” – An appreciative customer

A founding pillar of Earth Ram Farm is to produce nourishing, ethically raised food that remains accessible to the local community. Currently offering whole chickens to Calgary, Strathmore, and the surrounding areas, Earth Ram Farm will begin offering eggs, honey, and U-Pick berries in the near future.

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