• Owner and Host, Hereabouts Bed & Breakfast

  • Expertise: Regenerative living, food and nutrition, community connection, accommodation services


After raising her three children for many years, Jackie decided to follow her passion of food and train as a holistic nutritionist. Wanting to more fully embrace the idea of holism and to go beyond the health of personal bodies, she came across the idea of permaculture and completed her Verge PDC. The resulting information/inspiration gestated for about a year as Jackie tried to meld making a livelihood with regenerative living into a viable vision that was also compatible with her family. The breakthrough came in 2015 after Jackie spent 12 weeks at a permaculture school in Asheville, North Carolina, which helped her distill a plan that eventually evolved into Hereabouts B&B.

Food and shelter rooted in place

The idea of creating a tiny house B&B grew out of the permaculture principle of stacking functions. For Jackie, Hereabouts B&B provided the means to

  • promote awareness and appreciation for small-footprint living;
  • share regenerative food growing techniques with others;
  • utilize existing land and occupied space more fully;
  • inspire guests with what can be grown, preserved, and prepared in the local climate;
  • connect and engage with new people as her children moved out;
  • provide a creative outlet while bringing in an income; and
  • create an interest node around which community can flourish.

About Hereabouts B&B

Hereabouts B&B’s mission statement: To provide unique, quality, small-footprint accommodation and creative meals that showcase what the space and local region have to offer. The tiny house was hand-built by Jackie and her husband Bryan (mostly by Bryan, according to Jackie!), and incorporates a host of small footprint design features such as a super-efficient building envelope, passive solar design, earthen floors, and salvaged materials. Guests are served breakfasts prepared with thoughtfully-sourced and hyperlocal ingredients that vary seasonally. Jackie hopes that guests feel empowered and inspired by their stays, and in turn hopes to be enriched by their presence and life experiences.

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