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The first week-end of December Rob was invited “down south” to Lethbridge, Alberta to teach an introductory course on permaculture design to 16 students in partnership with Southern Alberta Permaculture.



Here are some testimonials from the students:

Excellent primer course that gives real world examples about how permaculture can help us and the earth. The only problem is now I have weeks of information to mull over.

Mike Ward, Calgary, Alberta

This is how I would summarize what I’ve learned; making connections and developing community with all of life is creating caring and constructive change. I am so excited to begin activating all this potential that is right in front of us!

Joy Baxter, Lethbridge, Alberta

I hope to put this to use in developing a business that is financially sustainable and supporting a new direction in life, by showing people how to care for the earth, and themselves. I also want to eat REAL FOOD 🙂 and build community!

Vince Petherbridge, Dinsmore, Saskatchewan

This course was extremely informative and empowering. I would recommend every person of every age take this course and empower yourself!

Kristie Kruger, Lethbridge, Alberta

I already see the regenerative effects of this harmonized relationship between nature and science. It is real and it exists. I am lovingly bound to this movement simply because I do not see it working any other way. It is a revolutionized return to our roots that synthesizes our energy with Nature as Earth intended. Permaculture offers us sustainable community empowerment. Return to freedom; return to life!

Mari Abraham


Thanks to Jason and Julia of Southern Alberta Permaculture for inviting us out and for facilitating this course. We look forward to doing more regenerative work with you guys!!

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