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Verge’s Grads in Action Series: Part 5 – Joshua Baker

Josh Baker demonstrates a beautiful and functional approach to urban permaculture design at his home in Calgary, AB, incorporating many unique landscaping elements including a young food forest, flowers, and largely up-cycled passive solar greenhouse. He and his family have carefully designed their yard to create and foster the profound emotional experiences of relaxation, contemplation, and a rich sense of place which a well designed garden can provide. 

Josh has taken the skills from his day job as a project manager, estimator, and nationally certified safety officer specializing in shallow utilities contracting, as well as his extensive permaculture study, to create his company Radicle Routes Permaculture. In his first year of operation, Josh has taught several permaculture courses and taken part as a designer in one of the largest scale permaculture projects in all of Canada. 

Josh’s solid and well-thought-out approach to creating Radicle Routes Permaculture is sure to make him one of the most sought after consultants, designers, and teachers focusing specifically on key-line plowing, earthworks, holistic management, and overall farm design.

Verge’s Grad Interview Series tells the stories of 10 past students of our Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course, documenting what they’ve done with the knowledge, skills and inspiration they acquired from the course. Two film makers set out to find these graduates and catch them in action, capturing their successes, struggles, and transformations as they embark on new endeavours – starting gardens, homesteads, community projects, businesses, building sustainable homes and structures, hosting conferences and much more. Click here for a list of all videos in this series.

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