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We offer a range of resources here to help you find the answers you need….


First of all, we have a wealth of information on this site!


Check out our YouTube channel. You’ll find lots of great info here, between video blogs, free video lectures and our bi-weekly video podcast, Ideas on The Verge.

We also frequently do free livestream sessions via our YouTube channel and make ourselves available to the public to answer questions. Subscribe via YouTube to receive notifications!


You can enter keywords in the Search field at the top of our site, or search our Blog using the categories and tags in the right sidebar. If you find a page or blog entry on your topic of interest, post a comment or question in the Comments field at the bottom. We’re pretty good at responding there, and your question will help others!


The  Verge Permaculture Students and Friends is a very active group page with plenty of lively conversation among our grads and community members. Whether you choose to lurk or jump into the discussion, you’ll gain lots of input on a wide range of topics. You can crowd-source your answer, and even promote events and other resources!


 We get rave reviews about the content & information we provide in our newsletter – it’s also a great way to stay informed about new courses and events.  Sign up here. 



First of all, we have a wealth of information on this site!

We’re committed to making plenty of good permaculture information freely accessible for enterprising DIY folks.

And then there are our premium services – our world-class trainings and in-person consults – offering an in-depth, scientific-entrepreneurial perspective that you just can’t find anywhere else.


If you’ve completed a permaculture course (or done your own advanced study) and are looking for advanced courses, support and hand-holding while you design the property of your dreams, we will be offering a tonne of free resources and courses related to our new book “Building Your Permaculture Property” beginning in Spring 2021. Check our webpage mypermacultureproperty.com for updates and listings.


With over 72 hours of classroom and hands-on instruction, the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) is the international standard for permaculture certification. You’ll discover the principles for designing and implementing regenerative human habitat, for a fraction of the cost of a conventional environmental degree. We’ve added an online introduction course, interactive student forum, and countless other unique features to create an information-dense and unparalleled learning experience. The 11-weeks of instruction is offered once a year beginning in November. Visit our Main PDC Listing Page for detailed info.


If you live in the Alberta area you may be looking for more in-depth information or might consider attending one of our weekend workshops, open yards or private tours! We’re always happy to step aside to answer questions. Check-out our Full Course Listing Page or sign up for Our Newsletter to find out what we have scheduled.


Finally, if you need intensive one-on-one time to answer complex or specific technical questions or to develop a comprehensive strategy for your property consider the services provided through our unique and leading edge property design and management company, Adaptive Habitat.  If you have a few questions or you’re looking for some top-level technical advice you can schedule a 1-hour virtual consultancy HERE.


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