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For more than a decade as permaculture educators and design consultants, we’ve been committed to making high-value information freely accessible for enterprising DIY folks. Here’s a quick guide to Verge’s wealth of free resources, where you can find the answers you need with a minimum of fuss and bother.

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 Verge is here for you! With our world-class team and comprehensive suite of courses and services, we provide proven scientific and technical expertise that you just can’t find anywhere else.  

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Remake yourself from consumer to homesteader or eco-entrepreneur in the international standard permaculture curriculum plus so much more: live-streamed and recorded lectures by a multidisciplinary faculty, guest instructors for bonus workshops, peer group study, one-on-one faculty feedback on final projects, and more.

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Empower yourself for lifelong resilience with a full-year curriculum of Masterclasses, design clinics, webinars, open consults, and more, supported by world-class faculty and a dynamic global community in our Permaculture Academy


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