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Adrian Buckley, Co-Founder, reGenerate Design, Ltd.

Adrian’s Expertise:

Design consulting, construction, and teaching services. Specializing in food forest design, schoolyard naturalization, and community garden design.

Adrian’s Story

Adrian holds a Bachelor of Community Design Honours degree from Dalhousie University, and worked for over two years as an Environmental Planner. By chance, he was exposed to permaculture design and decided to dedicate his career to it, founding Big Sky Permaculture in 2010. Adrian also started Calgary Harvest around the same time, an organization dedicated to building community through the harvesting of unused fruit from city trees.

Regenerate Design Senses Soul

Senses of the Soul Botanical Sanctuary and Herb Farm, reGenerate Design.


Since his PDC, Adrian has designed and installed numerous projects around Calgary and nationally. He has extensive experience in the realms of conceptual design, rainwater harvesting, plant community design, site planning and mapping, and using digital design software such as Vectorworks and CAD. Adrian is driven first and foremost by his love of plants and his belief in their regenerative capacity when consciously planned within human settlements.

Adrian also recognizes the importance of working at the intersection between natural aptitude and passion: For him, it’s in the design and installation of useful, beautiful, and inclusive ecosystems.

About reGenerate Design

Established in late 2014, reGenerate Design is a Calgary-based ecological design-build firm servicing British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. Adrian partnered with fellow permaculturist Lindsay Meads to develop integrated and resilient solutions that are mindful of human ecology and habitats. Together, they strive to do the following:

  • Provide integrated design and construction services to homeowners looking to establish beautiful and self-sustaining landscapes that produce an abundance of local food;
  • Strengthen ecological, social and economic connections for community organizations and local government through interactive and educational workshops;
  • Inspire community members to creatively transform public spaces through urban design and permaculture principles.

ReGenerate Design also offers urban design, permaculture and placemaking services at a range of scales, from urban yards and periurban acreages to community gardens, schools, and public spaces. They regularly teach design through classes and courses.

Regenerate Design Drawing LMeads

Plan for Forest Lawn Natural Playground public food forest, reGenerate Design.

Want to learn more about reGenerate Design? Contact Adrian at the following:

Phone Number: 403-483-9797
Web URL:
Email: abuckley(at)

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